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QR Code Creation Process

Process for creation of additional QR Code(s) and steps to ensure these are officially documented.

QR Codes are an additional way that customers using a mobile device (usually a smartphone) with a QR code reader can scan the QR Code and be linked to additional information.

Diagram image showing how a QR Code works.  You scan with modile device, and it sends you to the website.

By following some standard procedure steps, our CareerTech marketing efforts to our customers will be more consistent and unified. These documented codes will be more available to staff, thus increasing the odds of the QR Code's usefulness.

Procedure Steps

Steps required to create additional QR Codes that point to other CareerTech related information like URLs, text, phone numbers, and text messages (SMS):

  1. Notify the CareerTech Communications & Marketing of your plans.
  2. Create a QR Code using a service QR Code Generator.
  3. Test your QR Code with multiple mobile devices to ensure it works properly.
  4. Submit QR Code to the Brand Center QR Code Files folder:
    • Upload the QR Code image file online to the CareerTech Brand Center's QR Code Files folder and include the following information per uploaded image:
      • Name of QR Code (In the title input field, add short title of the image)
      • Purpose (In the summary field, add a description of why QR Code was created, and what happens when the QR Code is scanned by a customer)
      • QR Code File (Browse and find the QR Code image file on your computer/device.  Select and upload.  After save, confirm it appears properly and works when scanned.)
  5. Email CareerTech Communications & Marketing Staff the link to this newly uploaded or edited QR Code.
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