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Here you will find branded logos for Oklahoma CareerTech and the CareerTech student organizations, as well as QR codes. Photos in the Oklahoma CareerTech photo gallery are available for your use. There is a template to create your official email signature. Elements for presentations, including key messages, templates and videos, are also included. A dictionary of acronyms and CareerTech terms is linked below.


What does that acronym mean? Find the answer in the CareerTech Dictionary.

Dictionary - Read More…

Key Messages

Find current, user-friendly, data-driven messages listed by the various delivery arms within Oklahoma's CareerTech System.

Key Messages - Read More…


Individuals in these photos are authentic CareerTech students and business partners whom have given the CareerTech agency the right to use, publish, display, and/or reproduce their images to positively promote the benefits of Oklahoma Career and Technology Education.

Photographs - Read More…

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