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Business and Industry Services

Existing Industry (EI)

When your business needs to expand, retrain, or upgrade skills, we are your tool for business expansion.

Existing Industry (EI) - Read More…


Business incubators provide a physical location in which a new business can commence, coupled with support services such as shared facilities and business advice.

Incubators - Read More…

Safety and Health

Customized Safety and Health training to help your business impact your bottom line.

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Training for Industry Growth (TIG)

As Oklahoma companies grow and their needs change, there are times when industry defines a critical need within an occupational area. When these needs occur in a defined geographic region of the state, CareerTech's Training for Industry Growth (TIG) program can respond with quality, customized training to meet those needs.

Training for Industry Growth (TIG) - Read More…

Training for Industry Program (TIP)

Looking to get your new workforce off the ground and producing quickly and efficiently? Check out our Training for Industry Program designed specifically for that task.

Training for Industry Program (TIP) - Read More…

Volunteer Firefighter Training

Volunteer firefighters risk their lives to keep people and places safe in Oklahoma. In fact, 95 percent of all firefighters in Oklahoma are volunteers, and most rural communities depend solely on volunteers for fire protection.

Volunteer Firefighter Training - Read More…

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