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Position Request(s)

Purposes of Forms:

  • To help maintain the integrity of the current funding formula.
  • To provide forms that the technology centers can use to notify the ODCTE when professional/certified positions are deleted, modified or added.
  • To provide the appropriate ODCTE State Program Administrator and the technology center coordinator notification when professional/certified positions are modified, deleted or added.
  • To provide accurate, timely information that will be used to update the on-line technology center personnel information system.


  • The technology center completes the form and emails it to CTIMSSupport@careertech.ok.gov
  • If a new PID is requested, the Information Management Division will create the new PID and notify the technology center and the appropriate ODCTE State Program Administrator.
  • The technology center will update the technology center on-line personnel information system (TC Info).

Administrator Credentialing & Teacher Certification

Construction Project:

General Information Form


Highlight Information Form

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