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Pan Pacific Products - Broken Bow

"We now require WorkKeys. This is just good business. Now, when we hire five employees, we keep five. And, they move up." - Chyrel Fortner, Human Resources Manager, Pan Pacific Products, Broken Bow
Before 2008, turnover was 96 percent at entry level. Half of the new hires were let go during the 60-day probationary period or quit within a year.
They basically could not perform the essential job functions of the job.

The value of WorkKeys is time-tested.

After five years of using WorkKeys ACT Profiles and Career Readiness Certificates during the hiring process, turnover is 34 percent. In 2013, only four employees were terminated during their probationary period.

Employees now have the skills, knowledge, and ability to do the job based upon the WorkKeys testing.The company will not hire without it, which ensures they are getting the applicants with the work skills needed.

 Keeping their job now comes down to whether or not they want to work and come to work every day.

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