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Career Major Request Screenshots

by morr last modified 2011-01-05 12:06

Draft - Last modified on 2011.01.05

Directions to navigating to the career major renewals.

  1. Under "Instructional Framework: Tech Center Frameworks", click on "Renew Approved Career Majors".

  2. Read the statement and click "I Acknowledge" (figure 1)

  3. Select the desired campus and click "Continue" (figure 2)

  4. Next to each approved career major in the "Approved Career Majors By Campus" section, click on the appropriate icon to renew, request changes, or drop the career major for the next fiscal year. (figure 3)

  5. If a mistake was made and a renewed career major needs to be reverted, click the undo icon next to the career major in the "Renewed Approved Career Majors" section.

Figure 1:


Figure 2:


Figure 3: