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Indian Capital Technology Center - Muskogee
Hospitality & Tourism
Front Desk Worker (formerly Front Desk)
Front Desk Worker (formerly Front Desk)
This major prepares students as front desk workers who check in and check out guests, make reservations, and answer inquiries at lodging establishments. Students receive an overview of hospitality positions in the rooms and food and beverage division of a lodging operation with an emphasis on guest service and professionalism. Instruction includes training in marketing and sales for planning and executing events, front desk operations, food and beverage service, hospitality services, housekeeping skills and industry safety.
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  Course Code Course Title Hours Actions
Course in official sequence FC00007 Introduction to Lodging 60.00 View Course In Official Course Catalog
Course in official sequence FC00008 Lodging Management I 120.00 View Course In Official Course Catalog