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Business and Information Technology Education
2D Animation Techniques
Students will utilize digital animation software to create finished animations, cartoons, and other short movies that utilize animated text, character movements that include walk cycles, turnarounds, voice (lip syncing), background sound, sound effects, camera movements, and include multiple scenes.
Carrie DeMuth
Advanced Design Techniques or Principles of Animation
-Create an animation from a script and storyboard.
-Create scene elements for background, middle ground, and foreground.
-Create animated text elements.
-Add sound elements.
-Create cut out characters.
-Set rotation points for element manipulation.
-Animate the character's arms, legs, feet, etc.
-Create 2-legged walk cycles.
-Create 4-legged walk cycles.
-Animate the character's facial expressions.
-Lip-sync the characters mouth shapes to the spoken dialog.
-Set the timing for the animation.
-Create turnarounds.
-Create scrolling/panning backgrounds.
-Create repeating animation loops.
-Create camera moves.
-Use a variety of camera angles to enhance the story.
-Create transitions between scenes.
-Create title animations.
-Create closing/credits animations.
-Publish the animation for the web.
-Publish the animation in the following movie format types: QuickTime, Flash, and AVI.
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Brainbench: Flash

ODCTE Media Production: Motion Graphics Artist (OD40602)

ODCTE Media Production: 3D Animator (OD40606)

Brainbench -
User Guide, Toon Boom Studio, Toon Boom Animation, Inc. 2006

Flash 8 Accelerated, Sas Jacobs, Youngjin, 2006, ISBN 981-05-3849-9

Flash Animation for Teens, Eric Grebler, Thomson 2007, ISBN 978-1-59863-230-2

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Timing for Animation, Whitaker and Halas, Focal Press 2006, ISBN 978-0-240-51714-8 - Flash Animation Tutorials
-Character Animation Package
-Cartoonist Package
-Atmosphere Animation
-Professional Animation

Adobe Flash CS3 Professional, ISBN 13:978-0-321-49982-0, ISBN 10:0-321-49982-4

Suggested Certification Courseware Publishers: Online Learning Library
-Cengage Learning
-Adobe Press
-Studio Works
-Element K
-Learn Key
-Digital Tutors
-Against the Clock
-Watson-Guptill Publications
-Peach Pit Press
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Information Technology Web and Digital Communications 3D Modeler
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Information Technology Web and Digital Communications Video Game Designer