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Business and Information Technology Education
Advanced Digital Video Tools and Techniques
Students will be exposed to emerging technology as they utilize digital video equipment and software to enhance productions. Students will generate/package projects for a wide degree of playback compatibility.
Carrie DeMuth
Digital Media Production
-Utilize effective lighting techniques for quality productions.

-Work with a team to complete requirements for a planned production.

-Demonstrate ways to communicate effectively and efficiently through digital photography and video presentation techniques.

-Apply story development, directing, cinematography, and editing techniques to create storyboards that show the flow of the animation and map out key events using appropriate

-Create an interactive DVD in a production studio environment using DVD authoring software.

-Demonstrate the required technical and creative skills involved in a long-term movie project.

-Identify and construct appropriate "voice" for professional communications.

-Research and explore the educational and career opportunities available in film, audio, and video technology.

-Select and adjust audio and video equipment for a quality video presentation.

-Demonstrate proficiency in the use of cameras, teleprompters, video mixers, and audio mixers.

-Capture/record audio, digital, and video segments using professional video editing software.

-Demonstrate video editing techniques to tell a story.
(Select from the following)

- Media Production: Producer (OD40604)

Apple: Apple Certified Pro

Adobe (choose one):
- Adobe Certified Expert - Video Specialist
- Adobe Certified Associate - Video Communication with Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe -

Apple Certified Pro

ODCTE Skills Standards - Online Learning Library


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-How to Shoot Like a Pro DVD

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-Television Production Workbook and Textbook, ISBN 13:978-1-59070-455-4, ISBN 10:1-59070-455-X

-Avid Training Library

-Internet Training Tutorials

-Technical Manuals

-Advanced Projects and Applications
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