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Business and Information Technology Education
Advanced Fashion Marketing
This is a course of study designed to develop advanced skills required for a career in Fashion Marketing. Course content includes preparation for understanding trends in the fashion industry, performing market research, exploring entrepreneurship, performing a business analysis, managing business finances, buying merchandise for the industry, pricing, controlling inventory, securing a supervisory position, planning a promotional event, developing visual merchandising and store presentation, selling, exploring technology in the industry, and developing leadership skills by participating in the DECA (an association of marketing students) student organization.
Karen Green
Program Specialist
Fashion Marketing
Explore market trends in the fashion industry.
-Identify influences on fashion trends
-Develop a fashion forecast
-Compare and contrast trends within sectors of the fashion industry

Analyze economics affecting the fashion industry.
-Describe types of business ownership in the fashion industry
-Examine the impact of government regulations on the fashion industry
-Analyze the factors that influence productivity
-Examine the concepts of specialization and division of labor
-Analyze the role of organized labor in the fashion industry
-Differentiate between domestic and international production
-Interpret the phases of the business cycle and their impact on the fashion industry

Create a fashion business using concepts and processes associated with successful entrepreneurial performance.
-Determine opportunities for venture creation
-Assess opportunities for venture creation
-Describe idea-generation methods
-Generate venture ideas
-Determine feasibility of ideas
-Assess start-up requirements
-Assess risks associated with venture
-Use components of a business plan to define venture idea
-Distinguish between debt and equity financing for venture creation
-Select sources to finance venture creation/start-up
-Explain factors to consider in determining human resource needs

Explore legal issues in the fashion industry.
-Identify laws governing practices in the fashion industry
-Identify government agencies involved in monitoring practices in the fashion industry
-Explore labor practices in the fashion industry

Perform a market research study using concepts ,strategies, and systems to obtain and convey ideas and information.
-Plan and define research for marketing decision-making
-Interpret descriptive statistics for marketing decision-making
-Interpret correlations
-Display data in charts/graphs or in tables
-Write executive summary of research paper
-Prepare and use presentation software to support reports
-Present findings orally
-Use audio/visual aids effectively
-Prepare written reports for decision-making
-Post marketing results electronically

Prepare a budget using financial concepts to make business decisions.
-Explain the purposes and importance of obtaining business credit
-Establish credit policies
-Develop billing and collection policies
-Establish financial goals and objectives
-Develop and monitor budget
-Manage cash flow
-Budget and plan for the purchase
-Compute retail math

Manage inventory control.
Implement promotion plans.
Prepare a merchandising plan.

Participate in a student organization to develop leadership skills and career development awareness.
-Demonstrate team building skills
-Share ideas for team development
-Identify leadership skills necessary to develop a career as an buyer/merchandiser Accountability Measures, Assessments, or Evaluation Procedures
Required (1) Brainbench Certification:
-Marketing Concepts (or)
-Sales Concepts

Recommended Industry Certifications:
-A*S*K (MBAresearch)

-Retail Readiness

Recommended ODCTE Certifications:
Skill Standards

-Manager Trainee
Retail Readiness Certification Prep, 2005, Thomson/South-Western
Fashion Marketing, Dotty Boen Oelkers, Thomson South-Western, 2004, Mason, OH
School Store Operations, 2005, DECA, Inc.
Mean Jeans Manufacturing Co. 4E, Weeks, Thomson-South-Western, 2007
Virtual Business-Retailing, Knowledgematters, Inc.
OKCIS (Oklahoma Career Information System)

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