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Business and Information Technology Education
Advanced Flash Application Development
Students will learn steps to integrate PHP and XML to build server-side flash applications. Develop highly reusable applications and services that leverage the dynamic features in Flash. Students will also build Rich Internet Applications that are data-driven and user friendly.
Carrie DeMuth
Flash Application Development
-Retrieve data from a database using a server side language and display the content in a flash application.

-Manipulate data in a database via a flash interface.

-Identify concepts related to Object-Oriented Programming.

-Style Flex applications with CSS.

-Implement the tools and skills needed to create and utilize databases within the Flash application.

-Explain and apply the basic concepts of MXML.

-Develop project plan, organizing project elements, development tasks, resources, deliverables, schedule and cost in a coordinated framework.

-Demonstrate the ability to design, code, build, test, and troubleshoot a Flash application.
Brainbench (select one):
- XML Concepts
Adobe, Brainbench
-PHP 5 for Flash, ISBN: 1-59059-466-5

-Foundation XML for Flash, ISBN: 1590595432 Online Training Library -

-The Complete Guide to Flex with ActionScript 3, ISBN: 1590597338
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