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Business and Information Technology Education
Audio Production for Radio and Video
Students will master recording and editing of audio and MIDI, programming drums, manipulating tempo, using time stretching, preparing an arrangement and mix, mix using automation and control surfaces, and troubleshooting to create their own three-minute songs.
Carrie DeMuth
Audio Production
Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:
- Record Audio
- Editing Audio
- Recording MIDI
- Programming and Editing MIDI
- Programming Drums
- Manipulating Tempo and Time Stretching
- Arranging and Preparing for the Mix
- Mixing
- Automating the Mix and Using Control Surfaces
- Troubleshooting and Optimization
- Using External MIDI Devices
- Knowledge of Keyboard Shortcuts
Apple Logic Pro 9 Level One Exam
Logic Pro 9, David Nahmani, ISBN: 0-321-63680-5, 07/12/11
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