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Business and Information Technology Education
Audio Tools and Techniques
Students will learn about audio production equipment, including selection, setup, miking, recording, storage, and troubleshooting. Students will become familiar with professional audio software used in both the audio and video industries.
Carrie DeMuth
Audio Production
-Research equipment needs and prepare a budget to set up a state of the art recording studio, taking into consideration soundproofing, acoustics, equipment, and instruments.

-Demonstrate setup of appropriate equipment determined by the location and desired outcome.

-Demonstrate appropriate miking techniques for talent and instruments in controlled and non-controlled settings.

-Develop a method to organize and store equipment for efficiency and safety purposes.

-Demonstrate technical production support for audio productions.

-Troubleshoot common problems encountered with audio equipment.

-Apply basic recording techniques.

-Utilize sound console techniques correctly.

-Apply critical listening skills.

-Use Soundtrack Pro professional audio software, or similar industry-related software, to develop audio productions.
(Select from the following)

-Apple Certified Pro - Level 1 Certification

-ODCTE Media Production: Editor (OD40601)
Apple Certified Pro -

ODCTE - Training Videos

Soundtrack Pro2 - Apple Pro Training Series

Numerous Technical Manuals

Internet Training Tutorials
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