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Business and Information Technology Education
Awareness of GPS/GIS
This class is an introductory course using GPS (Geographical Positioning System) and GIS (Geographic Information System) The class will help student to understand basic concepts of GIS and GPS and how they are used for decision making. Work with a GPS units and GIS mapping software to find features of interest, analyze patterns, and derive useful information.

Linnie Berkenbile
Fundamentals of Technology or Business and Computer Technology
Understanding basic GPS operating principals
Understanding Latitude and Longitude
Identify the key components of a GPS system and define their function
GPS terminology
GPS uses on the water
GPS uses in the air
GPS uses on land
Historical Background to Global Positioning System (GPS) operation and mapping
Understand how GPS works
Understand how Mapping is used as part of GPS
Understanding the GPS equipment and how to use the equipment
Understand all the components of a GPS receiver
List the common applications of GPS technology in different careers
Explain what Geocaching is and how geocashing is being used?
Explain what GIS means
Understanding basic GIS terminology
Understand the basic mapping concepts and features
Understand how GIS is used within our society
Explain how to use GIS Map features
Understand all file types used in GIS
Examine different types of software being used within industry for GIS
Explain the relationships with business and marketing
Explain the functionality for cities and government
Explain the Careers in the GIS field
Understand the ArcGIS software
Identify the necessary ArcGIS products and/or resources to complete task
Compare and contrast the various types of datasets and data formats supported in ArcGIS
Compare and contrast geographic coordinate systems and projected coordinate systems and Determine the appropriate coordinate system to use for a given purpose or task
Once finished with all courses within the ArcGIS Desktop Associate career major the ArcGIS Desktop Associate certification created by ESRI.
ArcGIS Desktop Associate created by ESRI
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Information Technology Information Support and Services ArcGIS Desktop Support Associate