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Business and Information Technology Education
Banking Technologies
This course provides students with knowledge and skills necessary to provide support in the banking industry. Students will learn office machines, 10-key, Outlook, Word and Excel.
Kim Simpson
(405) 743-5117
Fundamentals of Technology
Word-40 hours Revising and Printing

-Perform editing (e.g., cut, copy, and move information).

-Specify print options and print files.

-Set printing options for templates with fields.

-Set printing options to manage print jobs.

-Set page orientation.

-Check spelling/grammar.

-Set specialized language options.

-Identify Office Clipboard default settings.

-Utilize functions available on the task pane.


-Identify and use keyboard shortcuts.

-Select text (word, line, paragraph, document) using various methods (e.g., mouse clicks, click and drag, or keyboard combinations).

-Identify templates available in Word.

-Use wizards and templates to create documents.

-Use templates and add-ins to identify styles.

-Set and modify Smart Tag options.


-Format text for font, style, size, color, underline, effects and spacing.

-Format and modify margins.

-Apply borders and shading to paragraphs.

-Format and modify line and page breaks.

Word Processing General Knowledge

-Identify View formats.

-Use Views to display Headers/Footers.

-Identify shading types.

-Format text wrapping for clipart, shapes and text boxes.

-Identify default settings for Office Assistant.

-Identify toolbars and toolbar buttons.

-Display, hide and modify toolbars.

Advanced Features

-Identify types of mail merge.

-Create a mail merge main document and data source.

-Identify other types of files that may be used in a mail merge.

Page Layout

-Set and edit tabs.

-Identify tab types.

-Format and modify table structure.

-Create, edit, apply and delete styles.

-Identify on-screen formatting information including breaks, paragraphs markers and tabs.

-View styles applied to a document.

Document Creation

-Open previously created documents and identify components of the open window.

-Save files in specified locations and formats and identify components of the save window.

-Insert breaks (e.g., page, column, text wrapping, and section).

-Format multicolumn layouts.

-Modify text case using Change Case option.

-Use find/replace function.

-Locate and identify items in the drop down menus.

Excel-40 hours Charts

-Identify fill effect options for chart titles.

-Insert a chart using the chart wizard.

-Insert and modify charts in a worksheet.

-Be able to identify if a presented chart accurately represents worksheet data show in a table.

-Insert a legend.

-Apply fill effects to a chart background.

-Insert and modify a PivotChart.

-Add titles to various areas on a chart.

Data Entry

-Modify reference to an external data link.

-Enter data into a worksheet using a Data Form.

-Use Spell-check.

-Accept labels in formulas (change numbers to text).

-List allowable characters for naming cells.

-Create and use defined names in formulas instead of cell references.

-Name the filename that stores the custom dictionary information. (CUSTOM.DIC)

Data Manipulation

-Apply Merge & Center formatting.

-Sort worksheet data.

-Apply borders and shading for a cell.

-Apply validation criteria to restrict data entry of a cell.

-List the allowable types of criteria for validating data.

-Insert and modify data.

-Apply and use various AutoFilter commands.

-Convert text from uppercase to lowercase.

-Identify & change number formats, including currency, date & time, percentage formats, and scientific notation.

-Apply conditional formatting to a range of cells.

-Filter data in place using the Advanced Filter command.

-Use the Paste Special command to transpose a range of data from a column to a row.



-Use Error Checking.

-Insert arithmetic formulas into worksheet cells.

-Use common worksheet functions (e.g. SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, DATE, IF, MID).

-Use iteration command.


-Identify various diagram types.

-Identify default media file types.

-Apply shadow effects for an object.

Software Interface

-Use interactive worksheet components.

-Switch between sheets in an interactive workbook.

-Use the Research Task Pane.

-Apply formatting to interactive worksheets.

-Protect a shared workbook.

-Use the Freeze Pane command.

-Identify common buttons of the Formatting toolbar.

-Reset toolbar usage data.

-Share workbooks and remove a user from a workbook.

-Rename a worksheet.

-Print comments in a worksheet.

-Identify common buttons on the External Data Toolbar.

-Insert objects in custom headers or footers.

-Set and clear Print Areas.

-Print spreadsheet gridlines.

-Activate and de-activate ScreenTips.

-Use the Compare Side by Side toolbar to reset widow positions.
Required Brainbench Certifications (or equivalent industry certifications):

-MS Word Fundamentals (any level) or MS Word (any level)

-MS Excel Fundamentals (any level) or MS Excel (any level)

-MS Outlook Fundamentals (any level) or MS Outlook (any level)

-Data Entry 10-Key

Brainbench or Microsoft Office Specialist
Burrow, Kleindl, and Everard. Business Principles and Management, Southwestern.

Caroselli, Marlene. Interpersonal Skills, Southwestern.

Microsoft Office Benchmark Series, EMC/Paradigm Publishing.

Microsoft Office Applications: Introductory, Course Technology.

Oliveria and Pasewark, The Office: Procedures and Technology

Office XP Core-Hinkle, Cain, Marple, and Stewart-A Professional Approach

Microsoft Office XP-Pasewark-Course Technology.

New Perspectives on Microsoft Office XP-Course Technology.


Shelly Cashman Series, Course Technology.

Microsoft Word Comprehensive Concepts and Techniques

Microsoft Excel Comprehensive Concepts and Techniques

Microsoft PowerPoint Comprehensive Concepts and Techniques

Microsoft Windows Comprehensive Concepts and Techniques

Electronic Calculators, Pasework, Southwestern, 1992
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