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Business and Information Technology Education
Business & Personal Finance
This course will provide students with the skills to manage personal finances, identify the characteristics of effective business financial goals, and examine the organization and activities of commercial banks and other financial institutions. Students will examine case studies and complete teamwork projects which require critical thinking for the financial aspect of business in banks, other financial institutions, business insurance, and the operations of technology and financial management in the global setting.

The knowledge and skills outlined in Business and Personal Finance may be taught in conjunction with the standards set forth in the Passport to Financial Literacy Act of 2007 (70 O.S. 11--103.6h). However, Personal Finance is the course specifically designed to meet this requirement.
Kim Simpson
Fundamentals of Technology or
Business & Computer Technology
-Pay, Benefits, Working Conditions


-Federal Income Tax

-Retirement and Estate Planning


-Credit Management

-Legal Contracts

-Resource Management

-Checking Accounts

-Risk Management


-Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

-Financial Management Planning for Business Activities

-Financial Budgeting for Business

-Financial Records in the Business Setting

-Business Expansion Strategies

-Debt and Equity Financing

-Banks and Other Financial Institutions

-Customer Credit

-Business Insurance

-International Business

-Technology Use in Business Finance
Required Certifications:

-Consumer Finance
-Investment Concepts

Recommended Additional Competency Testing:

-Accounts Payable Fundamentals
-Accounts Receivable/Billing Fundamentals
-Bookkeeping Fundamentals
-Payroll Fundamentals

Certified Financial Planner

Candidates must also complete qualifying work experience for CFP Certification.
Available at

-Managing Your Personal Finances, 6th Edition.

-Business Finance.

-On Your Own, A Personal Budgeting, Simulation.

-Family Financial Management, 8th Edition.

-Center for Financial Training, Banking Systems.

-National Association of Investors Corporation. Investing In Your Future 2E.

-Fundamentals of Insurance

-Financial Math Review

-International Business, 3E

Available at

-Business and Personal Finance.

-Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Available at

-Life Skills: Financial Literacy Skills CIMC. BS1004, 2009.


-Credit: It's in Your Control. 1st Financial Training Services.

Available at

-SMG, The Stock Market Game
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