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Course Information
Business and Information Technology Education
Business and Marketing Communications
This is a course of study in the application of marketing skills developmed through a variety of informal and formal experiences. The performance-based course will emphasize effective interpersonal and team building skills along with written and oral communication techniques. Technology will be used to create and deliver presentations, enhance problem-solving situations, and practice critical thinking and decision-making. Job interview, research paper, and/or projects will culminate this course. Students will develop leadership traits and identify their leadership potential through participation in the DECA (an association of marketing students) student organization.
Karen Green
Program Specialist
Marketing Fundamentals
Entrepreneurship Awareness or
Intro to Business/Marketing

Strongly Recommended: At least a C average in English courses previously completed.
Explore the concepts, strategies, and systems used to obtain and convey ideas and information.
Describe the communication model
Identify the elements in the writing process
Make client presentation
Prepare contact reports
Write white papers
Write business letters
Write informational letters
Write inquiries
Write persuasive messages
Prepare simple written reports
Prepare complex written reports
Write pitch/sales letters
Write new-business pitches
Write content for use on the web
Participate in problem solving groups
Use communication technologies/systems
Organize productive meetings
Conduct meetings
Describe differences and similarities between external/internal communications
Develop letters to clients and customers
Plan and define research for communication purposes

Develop techniques, strategies, and systems used to foster self-understanding and enhance relationships with others.
Apply ethics to online communications
Explain ethical considerations in providing information
Maintain composure when receiving/delivering bad news
Determine and respond appropriately to personality types
Build rapport
Develop cultural sensitivity
Explain the nature of effective communications

Explore concepts and procedures needed for basic computer operations.
Use basic computer terminology
Apply basic commands of operating system software
Employ desktop operating skills
Determine file organization
Demonstrate system utilities for file management
Compress or alter files
Use reference material to access information
Use menu systems
Use control panel components
Access data through various computer drives
Demonstrate basic search skills on the web
Evaluate credibility of internet resources
Demonstrate file management skills
Communicate by computer
Solve routine hardware and software problems
Operate computer-related hardware peripherals
Explain the nature of e-commerce
Describe the impact of the Internet on business
Develop basic website

Utilize tools, strategies, and systems needed to access, process, maintain, evaluate, and disseminate information to assist business decision-making.
Explain ways that technology impacts marketing communications
Compare the capabilities of SMS with MMS
Discuss uses of RSS for promotional activities
Explain capabilities of tools used in website creation
Discuss considerations in using mobile technology for promotional activities
Demonstrate effective use of audiovisual aids
Demonstrate basic desktop publishing functions to prepare promotional materials
Integrate software applications to prepare promotional materials
Explain how to effectively incorporate video into multimedia

Explore the process and systems implemented to monitor, plan, and control the day-to-day activities required for continued business functioning.
Explain security considerations in marketing communications
Maintain data security
Identify strategies for protecting business's website
Identify strategies to protect online customer transactions
Develop schedule for marketing communications assignment

Explore concepts, tools, and strategies used to explore, obtain, and develop a career in business/marketing.
Describe traits important to the success of employees in marketing communications
Describe employment opportunities in the marketing communications industry
Explain factors affecting the growth and development of the marketing communications industry
Analyze marketing communications careers to determine careers of interest
Prepare a career plan of study
Conduct a self-assessment of marketing communications skills set
Identify requirements for professional certifications in marketing communications

Explore the concepts and strategies utilized to determine and target marketing strategies to a select audience.
Identify ways to segment markets for marketing communications
Describe the nature of target marketing in marketing communications
Describe current issues/trends in marketing communications

Utilize concepts and strategies needed for career exploration, development, and growth.
Evaluate career opportunities based on current/future economy
Analyze employer expectations in the business environment
Select and use sources of career information
Determine tentative occupational interest
Create a plan of study
Utilize job-search strategies
Interview for a job
Write a follow-up letter after job interviews
Write a letter of application
Prepare a resume
Describe techniques for obtaining work experience (e.g., volunteer activities, internships)
Explain the need for ongoing education as a worker
Explain possible advancement patterns for jobs
Determine skills needed to enhance career progression
Use networking techniques for professional growth
Utilize resources that can contribute to professional development (e.g., trade journals/ periodicals, professional/trade associations, classes/seminars, trade shows, and mentors)

Understand the value of participating in student organization to develop leadership and teamwork skills.
Participate as a team member
Lead others using positive statements
Develop team spirit
Enlist others in working toward a shared vision
Share authority, when appropriate
Value diversity
Recognize others' efforts
Demonstrate leadership skills
Identify purposes and goals of student organization
Required Brainbench Certifications (or equivalent industry certifications): Choose one

-Workplace Fundamentals

-Interpersonal Communications

-Business Communication

Recommended Additional Brainbench Certifications:

-Listening Skills

-Customer Assistance

-Telephone Etiquette

Recommended Industry Certifications

-A*S*K (MBAresearch)
National Standards for Marketing Education

Marketing Education Resource Center

Columbus, OH

http://www.MBA Research
National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education

Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education

Columbus, OH
Marketing Essentials, L.S. Farese, G. Kimbrell, C.A. Woloszyk, 2006, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, Woodland Hills, CA
Essentials of Business Communication , 8th Edition, Southwestern Publishing

Marketing LAPS (Learning Activity Packets), MBA Research, Columbus, OH

Career Majors That Sequence This Course
Career Cluster Pathway Career Major
Marketing, Sales & Service Professional Sales and Marketing Assistant Sales Manager
Human Services Consumer Services Co-op Work Experience
Marketing, Sales & Service Professional Sales and Marketing Customer Service Representative
Marketing, Sales & Service Management and Entrepreneurship Franchise Owner
Marketing, Sales & Service Management and Entrepreneurship Independent Distributor
Marketing, Sales & Service Management and Entrepreneurship Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Hospitality & Tourism Lodging Lodging Manager
Marketing, Sales & Service Marketing Communications and Promotion Marketing Assistant
Marketing, Sales & Service Marketing Communications and Promotion Marketing Communications Associate
Marketing, Sales & Service Buying and Merchandising Merchandise Manager
Marketing, Sales & Service Integrated Marketing Mobile Marketing
Marketing, Sales & Service Professional Sales and Marketing Professional Sales Representative
Marketing, Sales & Service Marketing Communications and Promotion Public Information Specialist
Marketing, Sales & Service Marketing Communications and Promotion Public Relations Manager
Marketing, Sales & Service Management and Entrepreneurship Retail Management
Marketing, Sales & Service Professional Sales and Marketing Sales Assistant
Marketing, Sales & Service Management and Entrepreneurship Small Business Entrepreneur
Marketing, Sales & Service Professional Sales and Marketing Sports & Entertainment Marketing Assistant
Marketing, Sales & Service Professional Sales and Marketing Sports Marketing Assistant