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Business and Information Technology Education
Business Continuity
In this course, the student will be introduced to business continuity, backup and recovery, local data replication, and remote data replication.
Andrew Ford - 918-828-5093
Storage Networking Technologies & Virtualization
11.1 Information Availability.
11.2 BC Terminology.
11.3 BC Planning Lifecycle.
11.4 Failure Analysis.
11.5 Business Impact Analysis.
11.6 BC Technology Solutions.

12.1 Backup Purpose.
12.2 Backup Considerations.
12.3 Backup Granularity.
12.4 Recovery Considerations.
12.5 Backup Methods.
12.6 Backup Process.
12.7 Backup and Restore Operations.
12.8 Backup Topologies.
12.9 Backup in NAS Environments.
12.10 Backup Technologies.

13.1 Source and Target.
13.2 Uses of Local Replicas.
13.3 Data Consistency.
13.4 Local Replication Technologies.
13.5 Restore and Restart Considerations.
13.6 Creating Multiple Replicas.
13.7 Management Interface.

14.1 Modes of Remote Replication.
14.2 Remote Replication Technologies.
14.3 Network Infrastructure.
EMC2 - Information Storage & Management Exam E20-001
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Information Technology Network Systems Information Storage and Management Technician