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Business and Information Technology Education
Business Management and Supervision
This is a course of study involving planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the use of an organization's resources to effectively and economically attain its objectives. Students learn the art and science of management and supervision in problem-solving, decision making and working with and through other people to accomplish common goals. Students will develop leadership traits and identify their leadership potential through participation in the DECA (an association of marketing students) student organization. This could be a project-based course.
Karen Green
Program Specialist
Marketing Fundamentals
Customer Service
Business and Marketing Communications
(or) Sales and Sales Promotion
Explore fundamental business concepts that affect business decision-making.
-Determine issues and trends in business
-Describe crucial elements of a quality culture
-Describe the role of management in the achievement of quality
-Explain the nature of managerial ethics
-Describe the need for and impact of ethical business practices
-Explain the nature and scope of operations management
-Explain the concept of management
-Explain the concept of human resource management

Explore concepts, strategies, and systems needed to interact effectively with others.
-Explain the nature of effective verbal and nonverbal communication
-Apply effective listening skills
-Use proper grammar and vocabulary
-Follow directions
-Explain the nature of staff communication
-Give directions for completing job tasks
-Conduct staff meetings
-Explain ethical considerations in providing information
-Foster positive working relationships
-Explain the nature of organizational change
-Describe the nature of organizational conflict
-Explain the nature of stress management

Explore the economic principles and concepts fundamental to entrepreneurship/small business ownership.
-Explain the concept of productivity
-Describe cost/benefit analysis
-Analyze the impact of specialization/division of labor on productivity
-Explain the concept of organized labor and business
-Explain the law of diminishing returns
-Describe the concept of economies of scale
-Determine the impact of business cycles on business activities
-Describe market structures
-Determine the impact of small business/entrepreneurship on market economies

Explore the concepts, systems, and strategies needed to acquire, motivate, develop, and terminate staff.
-Develop a personnel organizational plan
-Develop job descriptions
-Develop compensation plan/incentive systems
-Organize work/projects for others
-Delegate responsibility for job tasks
-Determine hiring needs
-Recruit new employees
-Screen job applications/resumes
-Interview job applicants
-Select new employees
-Negotiate new-hire's salary/pay
-Dismiss/Fire an employee
-Orient new employees
-Conduct training class/program
-Coach employees
-Exhibit leadership skills
-Encourage team building
-Recognize/reward employees
-Handle employee complaints/grievances
-Ensure equitable opportunities for employees
-Build organizational culture
-Assess employee morale
-Provide feedback on work efforts
-Assess employee performance
-Take remedial action with an employee
-Conduct exit interviews

Explore the processes and systems implemented to facilitate daily business operations.
-Plan a business layout
-Determine equipment needs
-Document business systems and procedures
-Establish operating procedures
-Develop project plans
-Select business location
-Select distribution channels
-Establish company buying/purchasing policies
-Schedule staff
-Maintain inventory of products/supplies
-Organize shipping/receiving

Explore the concepts, strategies, and systems that businesses implement and enforce to minimize loss.
-Describe types of business risk
-Determine business's liabilities
-Explain ways to transfer risk
-Obtain insurance coverage
-Establish safety policies and procedures
-Develop security policies and procedures
-Explain legal issues affecting businesses
-Adhere to personnel regulations
-Describe the nature of businesses' reporting requirements
-Implement workplace regulations
-Develop strategies for legal/government compliance

Explore the processes, strategies, and systems needed to guide the overall business organization.Conduct a SWOT analysis
-Provide an overview of marketing and business concepts
-Identify differences in company cultures
-Plan the marketing products and services
-Use problem solving skills to make management decisions
-Describe the elements of financial statements
-Examine the economic environment marketing
-Explore the role of marketing research and market segmentation
-Investigate the product life cycle
-Manage distribution channels and inventory procedures
-Determine the impact pricing products and services
-Manage marketing communications and promotions
-Understand global marketing of products and services
-Manage human resources
-Utilize technology in marketing and management functions
-Develop a career plan for marketing and management

Explore the value of participating in student organization to develop leadership and teamwork skills.
-Participate as a team member
-Lead others using positive statements
-Develop team spirit
-Enlist others in working toward a shared vision
-Share authority, when appropriate
-Value diversity
-Recognize others' efforts
-Demonstrate leadership skills
-Identify purposes and goals of student organization
-Identify appropriate techniques to network with professionals
*Research opportunities for leadership training and development through student organizations
-Make positive contributions to accomplish team goals
-Generate solutions for team conflicts
Required (1) Brainbench Certifications
-Business Concepts
-Business Ethics Awareness
-Managing People

Required ODCTE Testing:
Skills Standards
-Manager Trainee

Recommended Industry Certifications:

-American Management Association
-A*S*K Institute (MarkEd)
National Standards for Marketing Education
Marketing Education Resource Center
Columbus, OH

National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education
Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education
Columbus, OH

Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS), Economics Standards 1-11
Oklahoma State Department of Education
Instructional Textbooks and Resources:
Ethics in the Workplace, 2007, Goree, Thomson/South-Western
Marketing Essentials, 2006, (Authors name here), Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, Woodland Hills, CA
School Store Operations, 2005, DECA, Inc.
Marketing LAPS(Learning Activity Packets), MBA Research, Columbus, OH
Virtual Business-Management, Knowledgematters, Inc.
Junior Achievement
Career Majors That Sequence This Course
Career Cluster Pathway Career Major
Marketing, Sales & Service Professional Sales and Marketing Assistant Sales Manager
Marketing, Sales & Service Management and Entrepreneurship Business Management Entrepreneurship
Marketing, Sales & Service Management and Entrepreneurship Franchise Owner
Marketing, Sales & Service Management and Entrepreneurship Independent Distributor
Marketing, Sales & Service Buying and Merchandising Merchandise Manager
Marketing, Sales & Service Marketing Communications and Promotion Public Relations Manager
Marketing, Sales & Service Management and Entrepreneurship Retail Management
Marketing, Sales & Service Professional Sales and Marketing Sales Assistant