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Business and Information Technology Education
Business Management for Travel and Tourism
This course will address small business management, marketing plans, entrepreneurship, financial management, and business ethics. Various types of fundraising, including grants, will be included.
Karen Skidmore
(405) 743-5419
Dependent on career major

-Define management and its role for entrepreneurs and managers
-Understand various theories and principles of management and their relationship to different cultures of people
-Explain the importance of ethics and social responsibility in business
-Understand the different kinds of laws that affect businesses and their workers
-Explain the factors affecting international business
-Understand the terminology and functions associated with planning and strategic management
-Understand the need for organizing work which affects employers and employees
-Identify the terminology and roles in fundraising and grants
-Understand the basics of finance
-Demonstrate knowledge of small business management and entrepreneurship
-Demonstrate problem-solving skills in various situations

Brainbench--Business Concepts, Customer Service, Business Communication, and Office Management

Business Management, Real-World Applications & Connections by Leslie W. Rue, PH.D. and Lloyd L. Byars, Ph.D., Glencoe McGraw-Hill (2007).
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Hospitality & Tourism Travel and Tourism Destination Meetings and Event Management Assistant