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Business and Information Technology Education
Computer Repair and Troubleshooting III
Students will demonstrate knowledge and problem-solving skills in the area of computer installation, evaluations, troubleshooting and upgrades of computer hardware. This would include, but not be limited to, storage and drives, system boards, processors, memory, peripherals, and networks. Emphasis will be placed on hardware devices and network systems as well as communication devices.
Jim Bullington
Computer Repair and Troubleshooting II
Computer Installation, Evaluation, Troubleshooting and Upgrades - 90 hrs

-Advanced Computer Configuration

-Advanced Computer Properties

-Desktop and Taskbar Customization

-Plot parameters

-Advanced Hardware

-Utilities Development


-Software Customization

-Configure CAD workstation

-Customize application software

-Storage devices

-Symbols, text based information, and libraries

-System Configuration


-I/O systems

-Hardware, software used to troubleshoot

-Identify and assemble equipment, subassemblies and peripherals with blueprints and diagrams

-CPU's, Multiple CPU systems, Storage devices, Display systems,

-Input and Output devices

-Power systems

-Computer Equipment Compatibility

-Proper components

-Utilize Fasteners and terminals

-Utilize and infinity various types and sizes of screws

-Utilize notations and symbols

-Power supplies

-Trace signal/power flow

-Identify sources of power

-Utilize Ohms law

-Utilize DMM

-Properties of a signal

-Magnetic properties of devices

-Utilize codes and arithmetic, binary, hexadecimal numbers

-Utilize digital technicques

-Utilize Digital, Fiber optic, Wireless, Analog systems

-Utilize mathematic equations to solve and troubleshoot problems

-Use of hand tools and polarity tester

-Utilize cable tester

-Utilize conductors and insulators

-Batteries and storage devices

-Utilize static-sensitive devices

-Network systems

-Configure networks and interface cards

-Network software and hardware

-Computer Cables

-Custom installations

-Setting adjustments



-Data Applications

-Utilization of Malware

-Internet structure

-Internet types and services

-Internet Terminology

-Internet utilization

-Utilization of e-mail and ftp concepts

Computerized Data Control - 10 hrs

-Work orders, logbooks and historical records

-Research, Order

-Measuring instruments


-Site Conditions

-Bill of materials

Computer Employability Requirements - 20 hrs

-Computer Dexterity Requirements

-Proper Injuries/accidents procedures

-Computer Electrical safety

-Knowledge of governmental regulations

-Knowledge of environmental conditions as related to the computer. (i.e. hazardous waste disposal)

-Utilization of thermal and laser products safely.

-Appropriate office conduct (proper attitude, respectfulness, teamwork, interpersonal & communication skills, attendance, etc.)

-Data Management

-Understanding of written & oral instructions

-Depth of knowledge recall and applicability of computer concepts

-Time Management Skills

-Technical writing
(Select from the following)

ODCTE - Microcomputer Repair Technician (OD41401)

Cisco - End-of-course exam

Brainbench - (All tests required)
-Information Technology Terminology
-MS Windows 2000 Fundamentals or Technical Help Desk
-Computer Technical Support
-MS Windows Administration (any version)

CompTIA -
CompTIA A+
Introduction to Operating Systems: A survey course, 2nd edition, Mary Gorman & Todd Stubbs - Thomson Course Technology

All in One A+ Certification by Mike Meyers, 4th edition - McGraw Hill (Osborn)

Practical PC, 3rd edition, by Parsons and Oja - Thomson Course Technology

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