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Business and Information Technology Education
Convention Planning
This course covers information pertaining to convention planning: corporate, educational, religious, political, and trade show. Students will learn how to interact with vendors (caterers, florists, musicians, speakers, etc.), how to choose the correct environment (temperature, lighting, space, stage, furniture arrangement, etc.), how to deal with interpreters needed for multicultural events, and how to handle security and safety issues.
Karen Skidmore
(405) 743-5419
Dependent on career major

-Understand the travel and tourism industry
-Understand the planning, organizing, directing and control process
-Identify meeting, exhibition, event and convention sponsors
-Determine meeting and convention venues
-Identify various types of exhibitions
-Understand special events management
-Identify food and beverage responsibilities
-Understand function of destination management companies
-Understand program planning
-Understand role of Convention and Visitor Bureaus
-Identify legal issues in the industry
-Identfy international differences that may influence planning
-Demonstrate problem-solving skills

Brainbench--Hospitality Industry Knowledge and Business Concepts

Meetings, Expositions, Events, and Conventions: An Introduction to the Industry by George G. Fenich, Ph. D., Pearson Education, Inc. (2005)
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Hospitality & Tourism Travel and Tourism Destination Meetings and Event Management Assistant