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Business and Information Technology Education
Cross Platform Game Programming
Students will be introduced to the concepts and methods for the design and development of computer games. Topics include: animation, 3D Animation, 3D Motion, software engineering, game design, movement and controls, user interfaces, artificial intelligence, game SDK's, networking, level editors, model editor, shader collections, game engine, and commercialization of software.
Carrie DeMuth
Fundamentals of Technology or Business and Computer Technology
Describe the major challenges when building a cross-platform game.

Demonstrate knowledge of language implementation differences between compilers.

Design low level systems to prevent cross-platform issues.

Demonstrate knowledge of modularization; design a memory management layer to create a common allocation scheme.

Demonstrate knowledge of granularity; basic data types, memory management, audio code.

Demonstrate knowledge of separation and isolation.

Resolve problems by de-bugging and profiling.

Describe common pitfalls to avoid and design considerations to adopt.

Demonstrate the ability to write code that will run identically on different machines.
Brainbench (select one):
- C
- C#
- C++
- Java
- Perl
Brainbench - http://

Java Sun - http:// Online Learning Library

Liberty Basic Tutorials

Microsoft WSH and VBScript Programming for the Absolute Beginner, ISBN 1-59200-731-7

CIW Training Materials

Java Tutorials Website -
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