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Business and Information Technology Education
Employment Essentials
This course is designed to provide students with fundamental workplace knowledge and skills to succeed in any career. Students will develop the soft skills, personality traits, personal management, and basic technology skills desired by employers. Students will explore techniques to manage their personal life, financial life, and career preparation. Students will have the opportunity to develop leadership and teamwork skills through participation in the student organization, DECA (an association of marketing students).
Karen Green
Program Specialist
Explore concepts and strategies needed for career exploration, development, and growth
-Evaluate career opportunities based on current/future economy
-Analyze employer expectations in the business environmen
-Select and use sources of career information
-Determine tentative occupational interest
-Create a plan of study
-Utilize job-search strategies
-Complete a job application
-Interview for a job
-Write a follow-up letter after job interviews
-Write a letter of application
-Prepare a r?sum?
-Describe techniques for obtaining work experience (e.g., volunteer activities, internships)
-Explain the need for ongoing education as a worker
-Explain possible advancement patterns for jobs
-Determine skills needed to enhance career progression
-Use networking techniques for professional growth
-Utilize resources that can contribute to professional development (e.g., trade journals/ periodicals, professional/trade associations, classes/seminars, trade shows, and mentors)

Explore personal money-management concepts, procedures, and strategies
-Set financial goals
-Develop savings plan
-Develop spending plan
-Make deposits and withdrawals from an account
-Complete financial instruments
-Maintain financial records
-Read and reconcile financial statements
-Correct errors with account
-Explain types of investments
-Explain the time value of money
-Invest money
-Develop a personal budget
-Build positive credit history
-Improve/repair creditworthiness
-Describe services provided by financial institutions
-Explain legal responsibilities of financial institutions
-Explain costs associated with use of financial services
-Select financial institution
-Open account with financial institution
-Explain forms of financial exchange (cash, credit, debit, etc.)
-Describe functions of money (medium of exchange, unit of measure, store of value)
-Describe the sources of income (wages/salaries, interest, rent, dividends, transfer payments, etc.)
-Read and interpret a pay stub
-Describe costs associated with credit
-Use money effectively

Explore concepts, strategies, and systems needed to interact effectively with others
-Explain the nature of effective communications
-Apply effective listening skills
-Use proper grammar and vocabulary
-Explain the nature of effective verbal communications
-Address people properly
-Handle telephone calls in a businesslike manner
-Make oral presentations
-Use communications technologies/systems (e.g., e-mail, faxes, voice mail, cell phones, etc.)
-Treat others fairly at work
-*Develop cultural sensitivity
-Foster positive working relationships
-Participate as a team member

Explore concepts and procedures needed for basic computer operations
-Use basic computer terminology
-Apply basic commands of operating system software
-Employ desktop operating skills
-Determine file organization
-Demonstrate system utilities for file management
-Compress or alter files
-Use reference materials to access information
-Use menu systems
-Use control panel components
-Access data through various computer drives Accountability Measures, Assessments, or Evaluation Procedures
Required (1) Brainbench Certification:
Business Math

Consumer Finance

Investment Concepts
Workplace Fundamentals
National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education
Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education
Columbus, OH

National Standards for Marketing Education
Marketing Education Resource Center
Columbus, OH

Financial Literacy Passport, Standard 1-14
Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS)
Oklahoma State Board of Education

Recognized Primary Course Textbooks and Instructional Resources:

Marketing 2E, J.L. Burrow, 2007, Thomson/South-Western
Marketing Essentials, L.S. Farese, G. Kimbrell, C.A. Woloszyk, 2006, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, Woodland Hills, CA

Marketing LAPS, (Learning Activity Packets), MarkEd, Columbus, OH

Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education
Columbus, OH

Practical Money Skills for Life
National Council on Economic Education
Book: Financial Fitness for Life OHLAP Credit
Career Majors That Sequence This Course
Career Cluster Pathway Career Major
Marketing, Sales & Service Professional Sales and Marketing Customer Service Representative
Marketing, Sales & Service Marketing Communications and Promotion Marketing Communications Associate
Marketing, Sales & Service Professional Sales and Marketing Professional Sales Representative
Marketing, Sales & Service Marketing Communications and Promotion Public Information Specialist
Marketing, Sales & Service Marketing Communications and Promotion Public Relations Manager
Marketing, Sales & Service Buying and Merchandising Visual Merchandiser