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Business and Information Technology Education
This course will provide students with the fundamental concepts, principles and ideas needed to understand the basics of entrepreneurship in business management. Skills that will be demonstrated are as follows: develop a Business Plan, Identify Marketing Needs, Insurance Concepts pertaining to a business, how to market a business, maintain records and accounting processes, manage finances, integrate technology into the business functions, apply legal, ethical and social obligations, and analyze the growth of today's marketplace. Students will develop leadership traits and identify their leadership potential through participation in the DECA (an association of marketing students) student organization.
Karen Green
Program Specialist
Entrepreneurship Awareness
Intro to Business/Marketing, Marketing Essentials.
(or) Business and Computer Tech OR
Fundamentals of Technology
Analyze and utilize the processes and systems implemented to facilitate daily business operations and management
Plan business layout
Determine equipment needs
Document business systems and procedures
Establish operating procedures
Develop project plans
Analyze business processes and procedures
Implement quality improvement techniques
Evaluate productivity of resources
Manage computer-based operating systems

Acquire foundational knowledge of channel management to understand its role in Marketing/Management
Select business location
Explain the nature and scope of channels of distribution
Select distribution channels
Develop and implement order-fulfillment processes

Employ entrepreneurial discovery strategies to generate feasible ideas for business ventures.
• Explain the need for entrepreneurial discovery
• Discuss entrepreneurial discovery processes
• Assess global trends and opportunities for business ventures
• Determine opportunities for venture creation.
• Describe idea generation methods
• Generate venture ideas
• Determine feasibility of venture ideas

Explain the buying process
Describe the nature of buyer reputation and vendor relationships
Establish company buying/purchasing policies
Conduct vendor search
Choose vendors
Negotiate contracts with vendors
Place orders
Barter with vendors

Daily Operations
Schedule staff
Maintain inventory of products/supplies
Organize shipping/receiving

Business Risks
Risk Management
Identify and apply the concepts, strategies, and systems that businesses implement and enforce to minimize loss
Describe types of business risk
Determine ways that small businesses protect themselves against loss
Establish controls to prevent embezzlement/theft
Establish and implement systems to protect customer/employee confidentiality
Determine business's liabilities
Explain ways to transfer risk
Obtain insurance coverage
Develop strategies to protect computer (digital) data
Develop security policies and procedures
Establish safety policies and procedures
Protect assets from creditors
Establish parameters for staff responsibility/authority
Develop continuation plan

Legal Considerations
Explain legal issues affecting businesses
Protect intellectual property rights
Select form of business ownership
Obtain legal documents for business operations
Describe the nature of businesses' reporting requirements
Adhere to personnel regulations
Implement workplace regulations (including OSHA, ADA)
Develop strategies for legal/government compliance
Analyze impact of specialization/division of labor on productivity
Explain the concept of organized labor and business.
Explain the impact of the law of diminishing returns.

Strategic Management
Explore the processes, strategies, and systems needed to guide the overall business organization
Explain the concept of marketing strategies
Explain the concept of market and market identification
Describe the need for marketing information
Identify information monitored for marketing decision making
Explain the nature and scope of the marketing-information management
Describe the regulation of marketing information management

SWOT Analysis
Conduct SWOT analysis
Conduct competitive analysis
Evaluate business acquisition options
Develop company goals/objectives
Develop business mission
Forecast income/sales
Conduct break-even analysis
Develop action plans
Develop business plan

Use budgets to control operations
Develop expense-control plans
Analyze cash-flow patterns
Interpret financial statements
Analyze operating results in relation to budget/industry
Track performance of business plan
Required (1)Brainbench Certifications (or equivalent industry certifications):

-Business Communication - Operations Concepts
-Retail Industry Knowledge - Telephone Concepts
-Customer Assistance - Interpersonal Communication
-Industry Alignment
-Business Ethics Awareness

-Business Concepts

Recommended Additional Brainbench Competency Testing:

-Computer Fundamentals

-Business Ethics Awareness

-Telephone Concepts

-Interpersonal Communications

-Listening Skills

Required ODCTE Certification:

Skills Standards

-Manager Trainee

Recommended Industry Certification:

-A*S*K Institute (MarkED)
National Standards for Marketing Education

MBA Research Center

Columbus, OH

National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education

Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education

Columbus, OH

Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS), Economic Standards 1-11

Oklahoma State Department of Education
Instructional Textbooks and Resources:
Exploring Entrepreneurship and Economics,2007, C.L. Greene, Thomson/South-Western
Entrepreneurship: Ideas in Action, 2006, C.L. Greene, Thomson/South-Western
Marketing 2E, 2006, J.L. Burrow, Thomson/South-Western
Marketing Essentials,2006, L.S. Farese, G. Kimbrell, C.A. Woloszyk, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, Woodland Hills, CA.
Marketing Yourself, 2004, D. Ciletti, Thomson/South-Western
Retail Readiness Certification Prep, 2005, Thomson/South-Western
JA Company Program and JA Titan, Junior Achievement
OKCIS (Oklahoma Career Information System)
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Career Cluster Pathway Career Major
Marketing, Sales & Service Management and Entrepreneurship Business Management Entrepreneurship
Marketing, Sales & Service Management and Entrepreneurship Franchise Owner
Marketing, Sales & Service Management and Entrepreneurship Independent Distributor
Marketing, Sales & Service Management and Entrepreneurship International Business Entrepreneur
Marketing, Sales & Service Management and Entrepreneurship Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Marketing, Sales & Service Management and Entrepreneurship Retail Management
Marketing, Sales & Service Management and Entrepreneurship Small Business Entrepreneur