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Business and Information Technology Education
Essential Skills for ArcGIS
This course will introduce the ArcGIS 10 software to the student.
Linnie Berkenbile
Awareness of GPS/GIS
Create GIS maps to find features of interest, analyze patterns, and derive useful information.
Classify, symbolize, and label map features to support data visualization and interpretation.
Create and edit geographic data to accurately represent real-world objects.
Perform spatial analysis using queries, geoprocessing tools, and models.
Design high-quality maps and reports to share analysis results with others.
Design a reference map (working with layers, Symbology, labels, layouts and saving)
Design well-designed layouts (color, font, map flow, legends, resources)
Projecting shapefiles
Preparing data for ArcGIS (excel files and working with census data)
Joining data to maps
Creating a thematic map (thematic mapping, constructing a legend, color shading)
Examine attribute tables (adding/deleting columns, editing values, cvalculations)
Create address mapping
Creating a categorical cap (categorical mapping of polygons and points
Understand GPS point mapping
Understsand how to edit boundaries (examples: changing boundaries, merging multiple geographies into one, merging multiple shapefiles into one, clipping, custom selections
Create Joined boundaries (spatial joining)
Introduce aerial photography and it's uses in the real world
Digitizing paper maps (making a digital image, drawing polyugon and line boundaries by hand)
Creating imported maps
Once finished with all courses within the ArcGIS Desktop Associate career major the ArcGIS Desktop Associate certification created by ESRI.
ArcGIS Desktop Associate created by ESRI
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