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Business and Information Technology Education
Event and Project Planning Management
The student will be introduced to event and entertainment terminology and will be able to identify the objectives, purpose and feasibility of an event. Developing a budget, realizing the impact of laws and regulations, and identifying risk associated with events will be included. The student will be able to work with designated dates of events, selective times and places, and themes to meet the customers' needs.
Karen Skidmore
(405) 743-5419

-Identify characteristics of an event
-Establish purpose of an event
-Discuss the feasibility of event concepts
-Explain the laws and regulations that may impact event planning
-Describe features of event marketing, including intangibility, variability, inseparability, and perishability
-Develop an event budget
-Identify the risks associated with an event
-Identify the purpose and objectives of an event
-Explain the concepts of protocol
-Evaluate the event site to assess the suitability
-Develop an event organization chart
-Plan the logistics of an event
-Identify situations in which police or security staff are required
-Identify types of crowd management problems and situations
-Conduct post-event evaluation
-Understand future trends of the event planning industry
-Demonstrate problem-solving skills in various situations

Brainbench--Hospitality Industry Knowledge and Business Concepts

Event Management for Tourism, Cultural, Business and Sporting Events by Lynn Van der Wagen and Brenda R. Carlos, Pearson Education, Inc. (2005)
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