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Business and Information Technology Education
Flash Application Development
Students will evolve web animation skills to support websites with interactive, engaging components utilizing the advanced features of ActionScript. Students will master Flash interactivity with advanced ActionScript techniques.
Carrie DeMuth
Web Authoring Languages or Fundamentals of Web Design
Identify the purpose, audience, and audience needs for rich media content.

Identify techniques to create rich media elements that are accessible and readable.

Identify elements of the Flash interface including the property inspector, timeline and tools panel.

Demonstrate appropriate use of various Flash file types and techniques for publishing files and managing the file size.

Create objects and convert them to symbols, including graphics, movie clips, and buttons.

Identify techniques for basic usability tests on rich media elements.

Incorporate scripting ideas into Flash movies.

Develop a broad understanding of the interactive possibilities that ActionScript can

Design and develop robust applications in Flash by using ActionScript.

Create forms for passing data in and out of Flash.

Work with ActionScripts built-in objects.

Incorporate dynamic text objects within a Flash movie that calls external files that are formatted with CSS.

Write accurate, well-structured ActionScript code using dot syntax, event handlers, and other fundamental code elements, and troubleshoot code as needed.

Import XML data into a Flash application.

Examine existing code and determine the applications function.

Develop scripts that perform decision-making and looping tasks.

Demonstrate the ability to design, code, build, test, and troubleshoot a Flash application.
(Select from the following)

Brainbench: Flash

Adobe Certified Associate: Rich Media Communication Using Adobe Flash
Adobe, Brainbench
How to Wow with Flash ISBN: 0-321-42649-5

Foundation ActionScript 3.0 with Flash CS3 and Flex, ISBN: 978-1-59059-815-3 Online Training Library -

Foundation XML for Flash ISBN: 1590595432 ISBN: 978-0321293909
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