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Business and Information Technology Education
Fundamentals of Video Game Design
Students will be introduced to the condepts and methods for the design and development of computer games. Topics include: history of games, 2D graphics and animation, sprites, 3D animation, binary space partition trees, software engineering, game design, interactive fiction, user interfaces, artificial intelligence, game SDK's, networking, multi-player games, game development environments, and commercialization of software.
Carrie DeMuth
Fundamentals of Technology or Business and Computer Technology
History of computer games.

2D graphics and animation, sprites, color maps.

3D animation and 3D modeling algorithms and data structures.

Software design and engineering.

Game design, game SDK's, game development environments.

Game genres.

User interfaces.

Artificial intelligence.

Networking and multi-player games.

Ethics in computer games.

Computer-generated sound and music.

Commericalization of sofware.

Computer game industry.
(Select from the following):

Autodesk Certified Associate (choose one):
- 3ds Max Design
- Maya

ODCTE Media Production: Motion Graphics Artist (OD40605)
Autodesk - or
MAYA Learning Community (personal learning edition of MAYA is free to download) Online Learning Library

3ds Max Revealed

Digital-Tutors training tutorials


Internet training tutorials and forums

Numerous technical manuals

Advanced projects and applications

Game Maker 6.1

Torque Game Engine
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