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Business and Information Technology Education
Intro to Business/Marketing
This is an introductory course designed to explore the business and marketing system and its role in our free enterprise economic system. Students will gain an understanding of the marketing concept and its relations to production of goods and services. Students will study the responsibilities and role of an individual in todays business and economic environment as a consumer and a producer of goods and services. Career opportunities within business and marketing fields will also be introduced to students. Students will develop leadership traits and identify their leadership potential through participation in the DECA (an association of marketing students) student organization.
Karen Green
Program Specialist
Business and Computer Tech OR
Fundamentals of Technology
* Explore fundamental business concepts that affect business decision-making.
Explore the different forms of business organizations
Explore international business and marketing
Explain the role of business in society
Describe types of business activities
Explain types of businesses
Determine issues and trends in business
Describe the need for and impact of ethical business practices
Explain the concept of management
Explain the concept of financial management
Explain the concept of human resource management
Explain the concept of risk management
Explain the concept of strategic management

*Explore the economic principles and concepts fundamental to entrepreneurship/small business ownership.
Define the role of economics in a global economy
Explain the concept of private enterprise
Describe the nature of economics and economic activities
Determine forms of economic utility created by business activities
Explain the principles of supply and demand
Explain the concept of scarcity
Describe the concept of price
Determine impact of business cycles on business activities
Explain the concept of competition
Identify consumer choices
Explain the concept of productivity

*Explore personal money-management concepts, procedures, and strategies.
Describe the importance of financial management
Explain forms of financial exchange
Describe functions of money
Describe sources of income
Read and interpret a pay stub
Describe costs associated with credit
Use money effectively
Set financial goals
Develop a savings plan
Develop a spending plan
Maintain financial records
Read and reconcile financial statements
Explain types of investments
Invest money
Develop a personal budget
Build positive credit history

*Explore concepts and strategies needed for career exploration, development, and growth.
Develop employability skills
Analyze employer expectations in the business environment
Utilize job -search strategies for business/marketing careers
Select and use sources of career information
Determine occupational interest
Develop a career plan of study
Describe techniques for obtaining work experience
Use networking techniques for professional growth

*Explore the concepts, processes, and systems needed to determine and satisfy customer needs/wants/expectations,meet business goals/objectives, and create new product/service ideas.
Explain the concept of market and market identification
Determine market segments
Select target markets
Describe elements of the promotional mix
Evaluate effectiveness of advertising
Explore the different forms of marketing techniques used by industry today
Explain opportunities for creating added value

*Explore the processes and systems implemented to facilitate daily business operations.
Explain the nature of distribution channels
Explain the buying process
Describe the nature of buyer reputation and vendor relationships
Conduct a vendor search
Choose vendors

*Explore concepts, strategies, and systems needed to interact effectively with others.
Follow directions
Give directions for completing job tasks
Apply effective listening skills
Treat others fairly at work
Develop cultural sensitivity
Foster positive working relationships
Demonstrate self control
Use appropriate assertiveness
Use proper grammar and vocabulary
Develop communication and interpersonal skills
Analyze the social and ethical environment of business and marketing
Demonstrate leadership and teamwork skills in a student organization

*Explore the value of participating in student organization to develop leadership and teamwork skills.
Participate as a team member
Lead others using positive statements
Develop team spirit
Enlist others in working toward a shared vision
Share authority, when appropriate
Value diversity
Recognize others' efforts
Demonstrate leadership skills
Research purposes and goals of student organization
Identify opportunities for leadership training and development
Required Brainbench Certifications (or equivalent industry certifications)
Choose one:

-Business Concepts

-Workplace Fundamentals

Recommended Additional Brainbench Certifications:

-Time Management

-Telephone Etiquette

-Interpersonal Communication
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OKCIS (Oklahoma Career Information System):
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Marketing, Sales & Service Management and Entrepreneurship Business Management Entrepreneurship
Marketing, Sales & Service Integrated Marketing E-Marketing Specialist
Marketing, Sales & Service Management and Entrepreneurship Franchise Owner
Marketing, Sales & Service Management and Entrepreneurship Independent Distributor
Marketing, Sales & Service Management and Entrepreneurship Retail Management