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Business and Information Technology Education
Legal Specialties
This course is designed to give students an introduction to many of the legal specialty areas such as Real Estate, Criminal Law, Bankruptcy, etc. It also includes extensive training in advanced Legal Secretarial Skills needed to be competitive in the workforce.
Blake McCrabb
Advanced Legal Communications
Court Rules:
-Identify Terminology Related to the Court
-Identify Court Officers
-Discuss the role and responsibilities of primary court officers
-Follow Proper Procedures for Filing Documents with the Court
-Explain the Conduct of a Lawsuit
-Describe Appropriate Behavior for Contact with the Court
-Explain the Importance of Published Court Rules and Procedures for a Given Court

Litigation and Torts:
-Define Litigation
-Describe the Initial Interview with a Client
-Identify Types of Litigation
-Discuss Different Considerations Before Filing a Lawsuit
-Discuss the Process for Filing the Complaint or Petition
-Explain the Response or Answer to the Complaint
-Discuss Special Exceptions
-Distinguish Between a Cross-Claim and a Counterclaim
-Compare and Contrast Amended and Supplemental Pleadings
-Discuss Discovery
-Explain Depositions
-Explain Motions Prior to Trial
-Describe Pretrial Hearings and Orders
-Explain Trial Notebooks
-Explain Settlement
-Describe the Trial
-Describe Appeals
-Define the Term Torts
-Differentiate Between Tort Law and Contract Law
-Differentiate Between Tort Law and Criminal Law
-Identify Types of Torts
-Examine Scenarios Involving Personal Injury Cases
-Explain Defamation
-Discuss Malpractice Cases
-Define Strict Liability
-Examine Products Liability
-Examine Animal-Related Tort Cases
-Define Extra-Hazardous Activities
-Identify the Defenses to Intentional Torts
-Explain Defenses to Negligence
-Explain Defenses to Strict Liability Actions

-Define a Contract in the Eyes of the Law
-Identify the Four Essential Elements of a Valid Contract
-Identify Major Types of Contracts
-Explain How a Contract Can Be Discharged
-Define Breach of Contract

Criminal Law:
-Define Criminal Law
-Discuss Jurisdictional Differences as They Relate to Criminal Law
-Explain Basic Concepts of Criminal Law
-Identify the Sources of Criminal Law
-Explain the Concept of Common Law
-Discuss the Importance of Administrative Rulings to Criminal Law
-List and Define Classes of Crimes
-Examine Cases of Criminal Proceedings

Family Law:
-Define Family Law
-Explain the Influence of Uniform Acts on Family Law
-Discuss the Legal Concept of Marriage
-Explain Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage
-Discuss Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage Proceedings
-Define Adoption
-Discuss Alternate Birth Options
-Be Familiar with the Uniform Parentage Act
-Discuss Parentage and Paternity Procedure
-Explain Duties to Disabled Persons
-Define and understand Abortion Law

-Identify Concepts Related to Wills
-Identify the Characteristics of a Will
-Identify Types of Wills
-Explain Aspects of Preparing a Will
-Explain the Concept of Intestacy
-Explain Different Types of Trusts
-Be Familiar with Estate Planning Documents
-Define Elder Law
-Be Familiar with the Uniform Probate Code
-Discuss Classification
-Explain the Identification of Assets
-Identify the Estate Representative
-Describe the Initial Client Interview in an Estate Matter
-Describe the Method of Handling Estate Administration
-Examine Probate Procedures
-Explain Guardianships and Conservatorships

Administrative Agencies:
-Define terminology related to agencies.
-Recognize the common federal agencies and access related web sites for information
-Recognize the common state agencies and access related web sites for information

-Define Bankruptcy.
-Discuss Different Types of Bankruptcy Relief
-Explain the Major Provisions of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (BAPCPA)
-Describe Methods of Filing for Bankruptcy
-Explain the Debtor's Estate
-Explain Dischargeable and Non-Dischargeable Debts


Career Cluster Resources for Business, Management and Administration:
Recommended Brainbench Certifications (or equivalent industry certifications):
-Legal Research
-Editing and Proofreading
-Business Ethics
-National Association of Legal Secretaries
-ALS Certification


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