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Business and Information Technology Education
Life Insurance
This course will provide students with the knowledge and skills to prepare for the general portion of the Life Insurance Examination to become licensed by the Oklahoma Insurance Department. Students will learn specific state and federal licensing rules and regulations as well as about provisions, options, exclusions, riders and underwriting polices.
Kim Simpson
Fundamentals of Administrative Technologies
Provisions, Options, Exclusions, and Riders

-Policy Provisions and Options

-Entire Contract

-Insuring Clause

-Free Look


-Owner's Rights

-Beneficiary Designations

-Primary and Contingent

-Revocable and Irrevocable


-Common Disaster

-Premium Payment


-Grace Period

-Automatic Premium Loan

-Level or Flexible


-Policy Loans, Withdrawals, and Partial Surrenders

-Nonforfeiture Options

-Dividends and Dividend Options




-Misstatement of Age

-Settlement Options

-Policy Exclusions

-Policy Riders

-Waiver of Premium

-Guaranteed Insurability

-Payor Benefit

-Accidental Death and/or Accidental Death and Dismemberment

-Term Riders

-Other Insureds


-Whole Life - Stock/mutual


-Universal Life


-Joint Life





-Variable Annuity

Variable Life


-Completing the Application

-Required Signatures

-Collecting the Initial Premium and Issuing the Receipt

-Conditional Receipt

-Binding Receipt

-Consequences of Incomplete Applications

-Insurable Interest

-Medial Information and Consumer Reports

-Delivering the Policy

-When Coverage Begins

-Client Explanation

-Free Look Provisions
The Insurance Education Institute and The Griffith Foundation for Insurance Education Insurance Certification Test


Oklahoma Insurance Life Examination
Application Available:
Examination Registration Form and Exam Request Form Available:

Eight hours of Pre-Licensing Education is required before taking the Oklahoma Insurance Life Examination. These hours must be taken in a classroom setting administered by an Approved Pre-Licensing Education Provider

Each test includes a State-Specific Portion of twenty-five percent. The content of this portion and additional study resources can be found on the Insurance Examinations Candidate Information Bulletin listed below.

Forms Link:
The Insurance Education Institute and The Griffith Foundation for Insurance Education

Oklahoma Insurance Life Examination
Life Concepts, 18th Edition. Kaplan Financial, 2006

Crawford, Muriel L. Life & Health Insurance Law, Loma Edition, 8th Edition. McGraw Hill Higher Education. ISBN-13 9780256166996, 1998.

Harrington and Niehaus. Risk Management and Insurance, 2nd Edition. McGraw Hill Higher Education. ISBN-978-0-07-233970-5, 2004.

Insurance Examinations Candidate Information Bulletin. Oklahoma Insurance Department.
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