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Business and Information Technology Education
Microsoft Office Specialist Excel/PowerPoint Study Prep
This course builds on the Fundamentals of Administrative Technology skills and will provide students with the ability to practice and prepare for the MCAS: Using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, Exam 77-603 and the MCAS: Microsoft Office Excel 2007, Exam 77-602.
Blake McCrabb
(405) 743-5419
Creating and Manipulating Data
• Insert data by using AutoFill.
• Insert data by Filling Series
• Copy Data

• Ensure data integrity.
• Make Data Entry Restrictions
• Work with Input and Error Messages
• Work with Duplicate Rows

• Modify cell contents and formats.

• Change worksheet views.
• Change Views
• Use the Zoom Level
• Change Program Window Area
• Freeze and Split Worksheet Views
• Work Through Multiple Windows

• Manage worksheets.
• Hide and Display Worksheets
• Move and Copy Worksheets

Formatting Data and Content
• Format worksheets.
• Add Themes to Data and Content
• Insert Gridlines and Headings to Contents and Data
• Add Worksheet Tabs
• Apply Worksheet Background

• Insert and modify rows and columns.
• Insert and Delete Rows and Columns
• Format Rows and Columns
• Hide Rows and Columns
• Change Height and Width

• Format cells and cell content.
• Use Built-In Number Formats
• Add Custom Formats
• Insert Hyperlinks
• Merge Cells
• Format Cells and Cell Contents
• Apply Cell Styles

• Format data as a table.
• Format Data Tables
• Apply Table Styles
• Add Total Rows

Creating and Modifying Formulas
• Reference data in formulas.
• Work with Cell References
o Relatively reference the contents of a cell
o Absolutely reference the contents of a cell
o Absolutely reference a column or a row
• Locate and Select Cell Ranges
o Reference the contents of a range of cells
• Prepare Worksheet References
o Reference a cell on a different worksheet in the same workbook
o Reference a cell in another workbook in the same folder
• Create Named Ranges
o Define a selected cell or arrange of cells as a named range
o Change the name of, or redefine the cells in a named range
o Delete a named range definition

• Summarize data by using a formula.
o Add values in a cell range
o Count cells containing values
o Count empty cells
o Average values in a data range
o Return the lowest value in a data range
o Return the highest value in a data range

• Summarize data by using subtotals.
o Create subtotals within a data range

• Conditionally summarize data by using a formula.
o Add values to meet a specific condition
o Add um values that meet multiple conditions
o Count all instances to a specific value
o Count all instances of values that meet multiple conditions
o Average values that meet a specific condition
o Average values that meet multiple conditions

• Look up data by using a formula.
o Use H-Lookup or V-Lookup in a formula

• Use conditional logic in a formula.
o Use the following conditional logic in a formula
 IF()
 AND()
 OR()
 NOT()

• Format or modify text by using formulas.
o Return a text value in a specific case
o Convert one column of space-delimited text to multiple columns

• Display and print formulas.
o Display formulas rather than their values
o Print formulas

Presenting Data Visually
• Create and format charts.
• Create Plotting Charts
• Create Layouts and Styles

• Modify charts.
• Move and Size Charts
• Edit Data Charts
• Create Chart Elements

• Apply conditional formatting.

• Insert and modify illustrations.
• Insert Pictures
• Insert SmartArt Diagrams
• Insert Shapes

• Outline data.

• Sort and filter data.
• Sort Data
• Filter Data

Collaborating on and Securing Data
• Manage changes to workbooks.
• Track the Changes made to a Worksheet
• Work with Comments

• Protect and share workbooks.
• Insert Passwords
• Add Workbook Protection
• Add Worksheet Protection
• Share a Workbook

• Prepare workbooks for distribution.
• Manipulate workbook Properties
• Use Document Inspector
• Add Permissions
• Add Digital Signatures
• Finalize you Workbook

• Save workbooks.
• Save File Formats
• Use Compatibility Checker

• Set print options for printing data, worksheets, and workbooks.
• Print Areas of your Data, Worksheets, and Workbooks.
• Use Page Breaks
• Add a Worksheet Layout
• Insert the Header and Footers to your Worksheet

Creating and Formatting Presentations
• Create new presentations.
• Begin a Blank Presentations
• Open different Templates
• Create and use Outlines

• Customize slide masters.
• Create Slide Masters
• Use Different Themes
• Use Different Backgrounds

• Add elements to slide masters.
• Insert Layouts
• Add Content Placeholders
• Add Custom Elements

• Create and change presentation elements.
• Change Slide Orientation and Size
• Add Transitions

• Arrange slides.
• Add and Delete Slides
• Rearrange the Order of the Slides

Creating and Formatting Slide Content
• Insert and format text boxes.
• Add Text Boxes
• Change the Size and Position of a Text Box
• Add and Change the Shape Formatting
• Change Text Layout

• Manipulate text.
• Use Basic Editing
• Add Different Bullets and Numbered Lists
• Conduct Basic Formatting
• Add WordArt

• Add and link existing content to presentations.
• Insert Ready-Made Slides
• Insert Sounds
• Insert Movies
• Add Other Types of Files
• Add Links to Presentations

• Apply, customize, modify, and remove animations.
• Insert Built-In Animations
• Create Custom Animations

Working with Visual Content
• Create Smart Art diagrams.
• Create Independent Diagrams
• Create Diagrams for Bulleted Lists

• Modify Smart Art diagrams.
• Make Design Changes
• Make Different Shape Changes

• Insert illustrations and shapes.
• Insert Pictures
• Insert Clip Art
• Add Shapes

• Modify illustrations.
• Make Picture and Clip Art Formatting
• Change Shape Formatting

• Arrange illustrations and other content.
• Change Size and Position
• Arrange the Stacking Order of a Content
• Group illustrations, etc.
• Change alignment of illustrations, etc.

• Insert and modify charts.
• Work with Basic Charts
• Change Chart Elements
• Add Chart Formatting

• Insert and modify tables
• Insert Basic Tables
• Edit and Format a Table

Collaborating on and Delivering Presentations
• Review presentations.
• Make Comments
• Review comments
• Discuss Comment Management

• Protect presentations.
• Make a Digital Signature
• Add a Password to your Presentation

• Secure and share presentations.
• Use Document Inspector
• Set Permissions
• Compress presentations
• Make your Finalization
• Set File Formats

• Prepare printed materials.
• Make Handouts and Notes
• Print Handouts and Notes

• Prepare for and rehearse presentation delivery.
• Prepare Slide Subsets
• Practice Rehearsals
• Set up Delivery Preparation

• Students will complete simulations tests over the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist in Excel

• Students will complete simulations tests over the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist in PowerPoint
PowerPoint Objectives: (taken from Exam 77-603:
MCAS: Microsoft Office Powerpoint 2007)

Excel Objectives: (taken from Exam 77-602:
MCAS: Microsoft Office Excel 2007)
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