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Business and Information Technology Education
MySQL Basics
The students will demonstrate knowledge in the relational database management system MySQL 5.0, command-line and graphical clients/tools.
Carrie DeMuth
Fundamentals of Technology or Business and Computer Technology
Understand the features and benefits of MySQL.

Be able to find information about products, support and training.

Be able to install and start the MySQL server.

Understand the basics of Relational Databases.

Understand the SQL and MySQL languages.

Understand Data/Column types with regard to efficient database design.

Be able to view a database design structure/content.

Create a database design using an efficient structure.

Be able to extract basic database information using the SELECT command.

Be able to troubleshoot syntax and understand typical warnings and errors.

Be able to delete or modify a database.

Be able to delete or modify table row data.

Grouping query data with Aggregation.

Connect data from multiple table rows using JOIN.

Perform nested sub-queries.

Use of Simple Functions (String, Date, Numerical).

Understand the primary methods for exporting and importing data.

Describe MySQL connectors, their major features and differences.

Understand MySQL storage engines, transactions and features of the common engines.
Brainbench (select one):
- MySQL Administration
Brainbench -

PHP5 Fast & Easy Web Development, ISBN 1-59200-473-3

Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes - Third Edition, ISBN 0672325675

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