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Business and Information Technology Education
Network Security Awareness
Students will demonstrate knowledge and competency in PC, Server, and Internet Security. Students will utilize these skills in preparation for positions related to the maintenance of computers and computer-related equipment through hands-on and project-based learning, textbook assignments, and Internet research. The focus of this course is in the hardware area. (Can substitute CCNA Network Security course for this course).
Carrie DeMuth

Robert Hamilton
Fundamentals of Technology or Business and Computer Technology
1. Basic Access
-Logon / Logoff
-Authentication Proofs
-Access Control

2. Authentication Methods
-Kerberos Process
-CHAP Process
-CHAP Platforms
-Certificate Uses
-Certificate Issues

3. Common Attacks
-Password Guessing
-Password Defense
-Software Exploitation
-Exploitation Defense

4. Remote Access Security
-Wireless Communication
-Wireless Issues
-Wireless Defense
-VPN Communication
-VPN Issues
-VPN Defense

5. Remote Services

6. Infrastructure Design
-Mobile Device

7. Security Topologies
-Intranet / Extranet

8. Intrusion Detection
-Network Based
-Host Based
-Incident Response
-Network Monitor

9. Operational Security
-Access Control
-Social Engineering
-Disaster Recovery
-Recovery Plan
-Business Continuity
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Brainbench: Security Industry Knowledge

CompTIA Security +
CompTIA Security+ -
Security+ Certification Concepts & Practice; Marcraft International Corporation; Pearson Education, Inc., ISBN: 0-13-114772

Learnkey Security+ Sessions 1-4

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