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Business and Information Technology Education
Product & Service Sales
This course of study includes the basic fundamentals of retail marketing/sales with an emphasis on the following competencies: industry knowledge, selling techniques, customer service, merchandising, visual merchandising, marketing math, technology and systems used in sales, advertising and promotion, management of employees, loss prevention, forecasting sales, and leadership development. Students will develop leadership traits and identify their leadership potential through participation in the DECA (an association of marketing students) student organization.
Karen Green
Program Specialist
Customer Service, Marketing Fundamentals
(or) Business and Marketing Communications
Explore concepts and strategies needed for career exploration, development, and growth.
-Develop general knowledge of the sales and marketing industry
-Explain the nature of professional selling
-Identify professional certification requirements for professional salespeople
-Identify the purpose of professional organizations and associations
-Explore careers in marketing and sales
-Create a career plan of study
-Research continuing education programs or courses

Explore the concepts and actions needed to determine client needs and wants and respond through planned, personalized communication that influences purchase decisions and enhances future business opportunities.
-Identify the methods and practices used in the sales process
-Explain the impact of sales cycles
-Differentiate between consumer and organizational buying behavior
-Identify emerging trends for use in selling
-Prospect for customers
-Qualify customers/clients
-Conduct pre-visit research
-Determine sales strategies
-Book appointments with prospective clients
-Prepare a sales presentation
-Establish relationship with client/customer
-Address needs of individual personalities
-Determine customer/client needs
-Qualify customer's buying motives for use in selling
-Facilitate customer/client buying decisions
-Assess customer/client needs
-Identify product/service features and benefits
-Recommend specific product
-Demonstrate product
-Prescribe solution to customer/client needs
-Convert customer/client objections into selling points
-Close the sale
-Demonstrate suggestion selling
-Negotiate sales terms
-Maintain sales standards
-Sell good/service/idea to individuals
-Sell good/service/idea to groups
-Calculate miscellaneous charges
-Process special orders
-Process telephone orders
-Process sales documentation
-Plan follow-up strategies for use in selling

Explore the concepts, systems, and tools needed to gather, access, synthesize, evaluate, and disseminate information for use in making business decisions.
-Analyze market information
-Describe the use of target marketing for selling
-Explain the use of marketing-research information in selling
-Conduct pre-visit research
-Utilize technology and systems to perform sales functions
-Demonstrate skills to operate point of sale equipment
-Make change
-Open/close register
-Research product information
-Utilize presentation tools
-Create a presentation software package to support sales presentation

Explore the concepts and strategies needed to communicate information about products, services, images, and/or ideas to achieve a desired outcome.
-Identify role of selling as a marketing function
-Plan and prepare visual merchandising
-Identify the role of advertising and promotion
-Plan and prepare a sales presentation

Understand the concepts needed to move, store, locate, and/or transfer the ownership of goods/services.
-Identify the importance of loss prevention within the organization
-Research and analyze business opportunities
-Identify the importance of distribution channels used in the selling function
-Identify different inventory control systems

Explore the personal traits/behaviors associated with professional selling success.
-Demonstrate honesty and integrity
-Demonstrate responsible behavior
-Demonstrate initiative
-Demonstrate ethical work habits
-Determine personal biases and stereotypes
-Maintain positive attitude
-Demonstrate interest and enthusiasm
-Make decisions
-Demonstrate problem-solving skills
-Use feedback for personal growth
-Demonstrate creativity
-Set personal goals

Explore concepts, strategies, and systems needed to interact effectively with others.
-Apply effective listening skills
-Listen for information
-Use proper grammar and vocabulary
-Make oral presentations
-Use communications technologies/systems
-Explain the nature of written communications
-Write business letters
-Write persuasive messages
-Write informational messages
-Identify different forms of verbal and nonverbal communication
-Reinforce service orientation through communication
-Respect privacy of others
-Demonstrate self control
-Use appropriate assertiveness
-Handle difficult customers/clients
-Interpret business policies to customers/clients
-Handle customer/client complaints

Explore the value of student organization/professional organizations to develop leadership and teamwork skills.
-Identify the purpose and history of student organization
-Identify opportunities for leadership training and development through participation in a student organization
-Identify professional networking opportunities
-Participate as a team member
-Lead others using positive statements
-Develop team spirit
-Enlist others in working toward a shared vision
-Share authority, when appropriate
-Value diversity
-Recognize others' efforts
Required (1) Brainbench Certification:
-Retail Industry Knowledge
-Sales Concepts

Recommended Additional Brainbench Certification:
-Business Communications
-Consumer Products Industry
-Customer Assistance
-Interpersonal Communication
-Listening Skills

Required ODCTE Certifications:

Skills Standards


Recommended Industry Certifications:

-A*S*K Institute MBA Research

-American Marketing Association (AMA)

-Sales and Marketing Executives International (SMEI)
-National Retail Federation (NRF)
National Standards for Marketing Education
Marketing Education Resource Center
Columbus, OH

National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education
Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education
Columbus, OH

Customer Service and Sales Skill Standards
National Retail Federation
Sales and Service Voluntary Partnership
National Skill Standards Board
Washington, DC

Retail Readiness Certification Prep, 2005, Thomson/South-Western

Retailing, Priscilla R. McCalla, 2005, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill,Woodland Hills, CA

Marketing LAPS (Learning Activity Packets), MarkEd, Columbus,OH

NRF Standard Color and Size Codes, National Retail Federation


Virtual Business, Retailing

Career Majors That Sequence This Course
Career Cluster Pathway Career Major
Marketing, Sales & Service Professional Sales and Marketing Assistant Sales Manager
Marketing, Sales & Service Professional Sales and Marketing Customer Service Representative
Marketing, Sales & Service Buying and Merchandising Fashion Buyer
Marketing, Sales & Service Management and Entrepreneurship Franchise Owner
Marketing, Sales & Service Management and Entrepreneurship Independent Distributor
Marketing, Sales & Service Marketing Communications and Promotion Marketing Communications Associate
Marketing, Sales & Service Integrated Marketing Mobile Marketing
Marketing, Sales & Service Professional Sales and Marketing Professional Sales Representative
Marketing, Sales & Service Management and Entrepreneurship Retail Management
Marketing, Sales & Service Professional Sales and Marketing Sales Assistant
Marketing, Sales & Service Buying and Merchandising Visual Merchandiser