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Business and Information Technology Education
Professional Sales
This course focuses on the purpose of the promotional strategy of selling and its role in the marketing environment. Emphasis is placed on the purpose and steps of the sales process, and the importance of completing each step in the presentation. Technology will be used to create and deliver presentations, enhance problem-solving situations, and practice critical thinking and decision-making. Professional careers in sales will be explored. Students will develop leadership traits and identify their leadership potential through participation in the DECA (an association of marketing students) student organization.
Karen Green
Program Specialist
Customer Service
Marketing Fundamentals
Business Management and Supervision
Identify the fundamentals of marketing and sales.
-Conduct market research.
-Analyze market research data.
-Research for product/service knowledge.
-Determine the distribution and channel selection.
-Identify the impact of pricing on selling decisions.
-Identify the role selling in the promotional mix.
-Internal and external company evaluation.
-Review company policy and procedures.
-Determine sales goals/quotas.
-Identify ethics in business practices.
-Demonstrate professionalism in sales.
-Identify customer characteristics.
-Locate information.
-Identify the steps of a sale.
-Perform a sales presentation.
-Utilize technology to perform selling functions.
-Compute retail math.
-Develop a plan to maintain customer/clientele relationships.
-Participate in a student organization to develop leadership skills.
Required (1) Brainbench Certification:
-Business Communication
-Sales Concepts
-Customer Assistance
-Market Research
-Marketing Strategy
-Outbound Sales
-Retail Industry Knowledge
-Solution Selling

Required ODCTE Competency Testing:

Skills Standards

Recommended Industry Certifications:

-A*S*K Institute (MarkEd)

-Sales and Marketing Executives International (SMEI)

-American Marketing Association (AMA)
Marketing Essentials, 2006, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, Woodland Hills, CA
Selling, 2007
Ethics in the Workplace, 2007, Goree, Thomson/South-Western
Marketing 2E, 2006, Burrow, Thomson/South-Western
Professional Selling,
Crisp Learning,
Professional Selling, Author: Morgan

Atomic Dog,
Personal Selling, Author: Marks
Sales Management

Marketing LAPS (Learning Activity Packets), Mark-Ed, Columbus, OH
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Marketing, Sales & Service Professional Sales and Marketing Professional Sales Representative
Marketing, Sales & Service Professional Sales and Marketing Sales Assistant
Marketing, Sales & Service Professional Sales and Marketing Sports Marketing Assistant
Marketing, Sales & Service Buying and Merchandising Visual Merchandiser