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Business and Information Technology Education
Scripting Language Fundamentals
Students will develop an understanding of IT concepts and techniques, and develop an understanding of basic programming concepts as they related to software programming and writing simple computer programs. (This course can be substituted for Advanced Programming).
Carrie DeMuth
Business and Computer Technology OR Fundamentals of Technology
Demonstrate knowledge of a broad range of computing concepts and techniques, including computer hardware and software.

Select and use appropriate software applications for specific job-related tasks.

Recognize advantages/disadvantages of available data communications methods.

Identify appropriate data storage options.

Demonstrate understanding of the Internet and WWW terminology.

Define Internet communications protocols.

Compare/contrast network systems and designs.

Differentiate between operating systems and their functions.

Identify PC peripheral devices and their functions.

Recognize fundamental concepts and terminology of software application development.

Design and write simple computer programs.

Apply concepts of software programming; including the use of pseudo code, flowcharts, statement sequencing, conditional statements, loop structures, procedural versus object oriented programming structures, and input/output.

Demonstrate application of programming concepts, such as algorithms, logic, code reuse, memory, data structure, planning and syntax, debugging, profiling and optimization, interpreters and compilers, variables, and programming paradigms.
(Select from the following)

CIW Web Developer:
- Foundations Exam
- Web Developer Exam

CIW Application Developer:
- Foundations Exam
- Application Developer

- Information Technology Terminology
- Programming Concepts
Brainbench -

Certified Internet Web Professional (CIW) -

CIW - Certified Internet Web Professional - Online Learning Library

HTML & XHTML, ISBN 0-13-031054-9

JavaScript Programming for the Absolute Beginner, ISBN 0-7615-3410-5

Designing Web Pages with Cascading Style Sheets

HTML & XHTML, The Complete Reference, ISBN 007222942X

JavaScript, The Complete Reference, 2nd Edition, ISBN 00722253576

HTML, JavaScript, and Advanced Internet Technologies, ISBN 0-619-26627-9

Microsoft WSH and VBScript Programming for the Absolute Beginner, ISBN 1-59200-731-7

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