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Business and Information Technology Education
Server-Side Scripting
This course covers the basics of server-side scripting by utilizing scripting languages such as PHP or ASP. After completing the course, students will be able to use PHP or ASP to build professional quality, database-driven websites. (This course can substitute for Web Application Development).
Carrie DeMuth
Web Authoring Languages or Fundamentals of Web Design
Use a server-side scripting language with well-from web pages.

Demonstrate correct use of scripting language variables and data types and the operations that can be performed on them.

Add functions and control structures to scripts.

Use scripts to manipulate strings.

Connect application to a database.

Manipulate databases.

Save state information using hidden form fields, query strings, cookies, and sessions.

Include object-oriented programming techniques in scripts.
Brainbench: PHP or ASP

Brainbench Setting Up PHP 5 for Windows with Apache or IIS Setting Up MySQL5 for PHP in Windows

PHP Programming with MySQL, ISBN 0-619-21687-5 PHP Essential Training

PHP For Teens, Course Technology, ISBN 1-59863-139-X

PHP 5/MySQL Programming for the Absolute Beginner, Premier Press, ISBN 1-59200-494-6

Database-Driven Web Sites, Course Technology, ISBN 0-619-01556-X

PHP 5 Fast and Easy Web Development, ISBN 1-49200-473-3