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Business and Information Technology Education
Sports and Entertainment Management
This is a course of study involving planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the use of an organization's resources to effectively and economically attain its objectives. Students learn the art and science of management and supervision in problem-solving, decision-making and working with and through other people to accomplish common goals. This course focuses on managerial issues dealing with the sports and entertainment industry. Students will develop leadership traits and identify their leadership potential through participation in the DECA (an association of marketing students) student organization. This could be a project-based course.
Karen Green
Program Specialist
Sports and Entertainment Marketing
Explore management functions in sports and entertainment marketing

Define the four functions of management
Discuss the principles of business management in sports
Describe the levels of management
Explain the concept of Total Quality Management (TQM)
Explain the importance of management for big league sports
Describe challenges faced by state fairs
Identify opportunities for sports and entertainment events within different communities
Compare similarities and differences in managing small and large events

Explore the role of management in college and amateur sports and entertainment events

Identify strategies used in the management of championship series for college sports
Describe the function of management for college sports
Describe management functions necessary for amateur sports
Explain the management of successful sports camps
Describe the influence of amateur sports on consumer spending

Research the nature of the sports and entertainment industry

Explain the standard fee structures of sports agents
Describe how agents recruit clients
Explain the importance of community involvement for professional sports teams.
Research how opportunities have expanded for women in professional sports
Research the growing trends of alternative and traditional professional sports within domestic and international markets

Identify the role of financial management in the sports and entertainment industry
Explain the financial and social impact that professional sports have on host cities
Explain the financial impact of college athletics
Explain the importance of budgets as related to entertainment management
Describe ways professional teams generate money
Explain how universities increase revenues through entertainment events

Explore human relations functions within an organization
Explain the role of human resources management in community entertainment events
Define human resources management
Identify human resources management activities
Describe the procedure to recruit and hire the best personnel
Explain why coordinating and providing feedback are important responsibilities of human resources management
Define delegation of duties
Describe human relation skills.

Identify skills for successful decision-making

List the steps in the decision-making process
Describe the types of decisions made by managers
Describe the conditions faced by a manager when making decisions
Compare the advantages and disadvantages of group decision making
Identify techniques for improve group decision making

Research management strategies

Describe the management necessary for major events
Describe three levels of strategy
Identify the steps in strategic management
Explain the development phase of the strategic management process
Describe the action and review phases of the strategic management process
Identify major strategic planning tools available to managers
Describe the management control process
List and describe the three steps for efficient control
Explain the concept of knowledge management
Identify how knowledge communities can benefit sports and entertainment managers
Explain how sports and entertainment managers may achieve strategic fit

Identify organizing, staffing, and managing operations

Describe the purpose and structure of an organizational chart
Explain the factors that affect the structure of an organization
Identify how authority is delegated in organizations
Explain the various types of organizational structures
Discuss the roles of team owners and general managers
Identify the characteristics of successful sports agents
Describe the job positions and responsibilities involved in sports management
Describe the reasons for and benefits of organizing
Explain activities of the implementing function
Describe the operations management function
Discuss competition as it relates to operations planning
Describe how organizations control their organizations

Explore the economics in the changing environment of the sport and entertainment industry
Define the four types of economic utility as they relate to entertainment events
Describe the factor of production in a market economy

Research economic trends affecting the sports and entertainment industry

Identify the systems used to manage information technology

Explain the evolution of management information systems
Describe the components of a management information system
Discuss the implementation of strategies using an MIS
Describe how decision support systems can be used by management

Explore techniques for leadership development and management

Define the value of leadership in sports and entertainment marketing
List leadership characteristics
Identify ways that managers influence employees
Explain what motivates individuals to seek success
Evaluate the importance of the four leadership styles
Describe strategies to motivate people
Explain why people resist change
Discuss the steps in an effective change process
List the characteristics of enlightened leaders
Compare the two basic structures of groups
Describe factors that influence group behavior
Describe the different types of teams used by an organization
Explain how the manager can build a successful team
Explain how organizations can be designed to support teams
Describe a virtual team and its function
Required (1) Brainbench Certification:

-Business Concepts

-Business Ethics Awareness

-Managing People

Required ODCTE Competency Testing:

Skills Standards

-Manager Trainee

Recommended Industry Certifications:

-A*S*K institute (MarkED)

-American Management Association
Sports and Entertainment Management, 2005, K. Kaser and Brooks, Thomson/South-Western

Marketing Essentials, 2006, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, Woodland Hills, CA

Marketing LAPS (Learning Activity Packets), Mark-Ed, Columbus, OH


Virtual Business-Sports, Knowledgematters, Inc.
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