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Business and Information Technology Education
Sports and Entertainment Marketing
This is a specialized course designed for students with a career interest in the sports and entertainment industry. Instructional areas will include: orientation to the sports and entertainment industry, economics, decision-making, event marketing, sales and sales promotions, event executions, legal aspects/contracts, and career opportunities. Classroom instruction will be reinforced through the use of outside lectures, case studies, field trip experiences, job shadowing, current periodicals, computers and software, in-house projects, and constructive/discovery learning. Students will develop leadership traits and identify their leadership potential through participation in the DECA (an association of marketing students) student organization.
Karen Green
Program Specialist
Intro to Sports and Entertainment Marketing
(or) Business and Computer Tech OR
Fundamentals of Technology
Explore fundamental concepts of marketing in the sports and entertainment industry.
Identify the elements of the sports marketing mix
Describe how all seven key marketing functions are used in sports and entertainment marketing
Define sports marketing
Identify characteristics of target markets
Identify sports marketing strategies
Identify the relationship between marketing and a specific audience
Apply the marketing mix to recreation marketing
Describe marketing for the travel and tourism consumer
Define market segmentation
Discuss the marketing cycle
Define the difference between sports and entertainment products
Explain customizing entertainment products and services for a market segment
Research trends in the domestic and international sports industry
Research trends in the domestic and international entertainment industry

Explore the impact of economics and decision-making in the sports and entertainment industry.
Identify the role of economics in making marketing decisions

Research the economic benefits of amateur sports
Identify the potential markets for sports and entertainment
Distinguish the relationship between marketing and the business of sports and entertainment
Identify the impact of sports and entertainment events within a community
Describe the profit motive behind sports and entertainment marketing
Explain the concept of productivity
Interpret the impact of supply and demand on price
Determine the types of internal and external competition involved with sports and entertainment products and services.
Explain the relationship between travel and other costs related to sporting and entertainment events

Conduct marketing research to meet the goals of a marketing plan.
Identify the purpose of a marketing plan
Identify the components of a strategic marketing plan
Examine marketing strategies based on changing demographics
Explain the difference between theme parks and resorts and their marketing strategies
Develop a marketing plan for sports and entertainment products/services

Conduct and analyze market research in the sports and entertainment marketing industry
Define the purpose of marketing research
Identify the human element in marketing research

Explore the purpose of promoting and developing a brand.
Define licensing
Identify the role of branding, imaging, and licensing in sports and entertainment
Describe elements of successful sports licensees and sponsors
Identify strategies professional sports organizations and their sponsors use to develop an athlete's character
Assess the importance of ethical behavior on an athlete's promotional value
Discuss prohibited sponsorship
Explore the importance of market research before undertaking a licensing agreement
Research the challenges of protecting a brand, image, and/or license
Discuss the financial value of licensing sports and entertainment merchandise
Explain the purpose of advertising

Explore the role of promotion and advertising in achieving the goals of a marketing plan.
Create and use promotional strategies for sports and entertainment products/services
Define promotion and its objectives
Identify the elements of promotion
Identify promotional tools used to implement promotional strategies
Define endorsements
Explain the restrictions involved with endorsements
Evaluate the importance of positive public relations in sports
Research how public relations firms assist in creating favorable images
Compare how different athletes affect public perceptions
Describe the importance of charities and tournaments to the successful image of athletes and teams
Research why athletes become involved with or create their own foundations
Identify reasons why celebrity camps have become increasingly popular
Describe the importance of corporate/business contacts in the area where a sports camp will be held
Demonstrate the relationship between sponsorships and seminars
Identify the value of maintaining a positive image for sports owners and marketing firms
Identify different types of entertainment distribution
Evaluate promotional strategies for music, movies, and theatre
Identify different genres of music and film
Examine global marketing and distribution of music and film

Explore concepts and strategies needed for career exploration, development, and growth in sports and entertainment.
Explore career opportunities within the sports and entertainment industries
Research the role of a sports agent
Explain how a sports/entertainment figure can be successful in the lecture circuit
Research careers in recreation marketing
Research careers in sports marketing
Research careers in the entertainment industry
Identify skills and characteristics necessary for a career in sports marketing
Describe the preparation needed for specific jobs in the entertainment industry

Explore the role of financial management in the sports and entertainment industry
Identify types of financing related to sports and entertainment marketing
Assess financial harm that strikes may cause to sports and entertainment workers
Calculate revenue from sports and entertainment events
Explain cost-cutting strategies in sports and entertainment industry

Research an organizations responsibility to know, abide by, and enforce laws, regulations, and ethical behavior that affect business operations and transactions.
Explain the nature of contract exclusivity

Describe methods to protect intellectual property
Research laws affecting the sports and entertainment industry
Discuss the need for contracts
Analyze the public relations impact of labor laws on sports
Determine the role of risk management in sports and entertainment marketing
Identify the purpose of copyright law
Research current copyright law
Research the legalities of music and entertainment distribution
Explain the need for balance between privacy and marketing information

Explore the impact of technology in sports and entertainment.
Explain the impact of technology on entertainment
Research the technology trends affecting consumer behavior
Identify how technology has changed travel marketing
Compare different forms of technology used to engage the audience
Identify how technology has affected the different forms of sports and entertainment available today

Participate in a student organization to develop leadership skills and career development awareness.
Demonstrate team building skills

Share ideas for team development

Identify leadership skills necessary to develop a career in sports and entertainment marketing
Research scholarship opportunities for post-secondary education in the field of sports and entertainment

Demonstrate appropriate ways to effectively network with professionals
Demonstrate effective leadership skills when working with groups
Required(1)Brainbench Certification:

-Marketing Concepts

-Business Ethics Awareness

-Sales Concepts

Required ODCTE Certification:

Skills Standards

Sports and Entertainment Marketing 2E, 2005, K. Kaser and D. B. Oelkers, Thomson/South-Western

Marketing Essentials, 2006, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, Woodland Hills, CA

Marketing LAPS (Learning Activity Packets), Mark-Ed, Columbus, OH


Virtual Business-Sports, Knowledgematters, Inc.

OKCIS (Oklahoma Career Information System)
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