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Business and Information Technology Education
Storage Systems
In this course, the student will understand information growth and challenges, define a storage system and its environment, review the evolution of storage technology, and introduce intelligent storage systems.
Andrew Ford 918-828-5093
Server Operating Systems - (BT00037)
1.1 Information Storage.
1.2 Evolution of Storage Technology and Architecture.
1.3 Data Center Infrastructure.
1.4 Key Challenges in Managing Information.
1.5 Information Lifecycle.

2.1 Components of a Storage System Environment.
2.2 Disk Drive Components.
2.3 Disk Drive Performance.
2.4 Fundamental Laws Governing Disk Performance.
2.5 Logical Components of the Host.
2.6 Application Requirements and Disk Performance.

3.1 Implementation of RAID.
3.2 RAID Array Components.
3.3 RAID Levels.
3.4 RAID Comparison.
3.5 RAID Impact on Disk Performance.
3.6 Hot Spares.

4.1 Components of an Intelligent Storage System.
4.2 Intelligent Storage Array.
EMC2 - Information Storage & Management Exam E20-001
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