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Business and Information Technology Education
Studio Production (IT)
This course introduces the students to all aspects of the studio production environment, from content creation to distribution.
Carrie DeMuth
Digital Media Production
-Script and produce a video production using professional studio equipment.
-Perform basic studio functions including technical director, director, audio, camera operator, graphics, teleprompter, floor director and playback.
-The student will identify and model behaviors of responsible and ethical use of technology with emphasis on live performance and production.
-The student will demonstrate the abilty to work as part of a team and as an effective leader.
-The student will demonstrate the ability to problem solve within a group.
-Demonstrate ways to communicate effectively and efficiently through video and/or digital photography.
-The student will monitor and evaluate his/her ability to meet live broadcast deadlines.
-The student will create and participate in a weekly project to be produced for the local cable channel and website.
-The student will demonstrate acceptable workplace skills.
-Comply with copyright rules and guidelines.
-Generate projects to multiple formats including DVD and Web.
ODCTE - Media Production: Producer (OD40604)

Apple Certified Pro
Apple Certified Pro -

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