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Business and Information Technology Education
Web Application Technologies
Students will learn the syntax, basics of using regular expressions, and how to access and manipulate files using server-side scripting languages. Instruction will include topics such as functions, methods, and events including how to define and call functions. This course will teach students how to use conditional statements to control program flow. Students will also implement best practices while coding an application and utilize appropriate debugging techniques.
Carrie DeMuth
Web Authoring Languages or Fundamentals of Web Design
-Determine the appropriate technology to meet the client's needs and server requirements.

-Construct functions and identify the mechanisms used to pass information between functions.

-Declare an array, initialize an array, and refer to individual elements of an array and also pass the data to a function.

-Create cookies and examine how cookies are used in a web application.

-Construct programs that implement features for database connectivity.

-Debug an application using appropriate techniques.

-Implement good programming practices while creating code for a web application.

-Retrieve data from a database using a server side language and display the content on a web page.

-Examine existing code and determine the applications function.

-Develop scripts that perform decision-making and looping tasks.

-Create scripts to remember end-users by using sessions and/or cookies.

-Modify data in the Document Object Model.

-Identify object-oriented programming terminology and concepts.
(Select from the following)

CIW JavaScript Specialist

CIW Perl Specialist

Brainbench (choose one):
- JavaScript Fundamentals
- Perl
- VBScript

Brainbench -
Learning Computer Programming ISBN: 1584500611

Essentials for Design JavaScript Comprehensive ISBN: 0-13-187897-2

CBT Nuggets Web Languages Training Videos

CIW Perl Fundamentals ISBN: 1593020260

PHP 5 Fast & Easy Web Development ISBN: 1-59200-473-3

Ajax Construction Kit: Building Plug-and-Play Ajax Applications ISBN: 978-0-13-235008-2
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