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Family & Consumer Sciences
Academic Commitment to Education (ACE)
The first semester of this one-year course involves classroom lectures, activities and projects. The second semester students are placed in simulated teaching experiences within the school system and under the supervision of the ACE instructor and corresponding classroom teacher. The purpose is to provide a quality experience for the interaction between student-teacher and the classroom students.
Carolyn Cotton
This course is aligned with the Oklahoma Teaching Competencies (OTC), including:

- Content Pedagogy - teacher has depth of content and demonstrates how to teach it.

- Student Development - teacher describes human development.

- Diverse Learners - teacher appreciates diversity of learners.

- Multiple Instructional Strategies - teacher has methods to teach all students.

- Motivation and Management - teachers demonstrates how to motivate students and manage

- Communication and Technology - teacher models best communication skills and uses a variety
of media tools.

- Planning - teacher plans instruction to meet the PASS objectives.

- Assessment - teacher demonstrates how to use data to improve instruction and student

- Reflective Practice: Professional Growth - teacher analyzes his/her own practice and identifies
best practice in order to become a more effective teacher.

- School and Community Involvement - teacher accesses community resources, respects privacy
and confidentially of students, comprehends school law, works with parents, and acts as an
advocate for students.
Student assignments and projects


Oklahoma General Competencies for Teacher

Licensure and Certification
Academic Commitment to Education - Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education

Teachers as Advisors for Secondary and Postsecondary Students - CIMC

From Surviving to Thriving: Skills for the Effective Teacher - CIMC

Substitute Teacher Toolbox - CIMC
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