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Family & Consumer Sciences
Adult and Family Living 60
This course prepares students for their roles as adults in the home and in their careers. Areas of instruction, activities, and practical application are in consumer education, nutrition, and management of resources.
Mary Jane Grayson
- Investigate a job in a career cluster

- Prepare a portfolio

- Select appropriate interview practices

- Identify reasons people lose jobs

- Identify how goals affect decision-making

- List in order the steps in the planning process

- Select actions reflecting common courtesy, and identify guidelines for making introductions, shaking hands, table manners, dining etiquette, and telephone etiquette

- Select strategies for managing stress

- Select ways to maintain good physical health and complete statements relating to anatomy and the reproductive system

- Identify factors to consider when selecting housing, and calculate amounts to spend

- Select guidelines for choosing and purchasing wardrobe items

- Describe steps in creating a financial plan

- Identify advantages and disadvantages of consumer credit, and calculate cost of credit/loans

- Select records that should be kept for taxes

- Identify five types of insurance

- Match life stages to nutritional needs

- Identify factors to consider in meal planning and prepare food product(s) using recipe
-Adult & Family Living: End of Instruction - CTTC

-Adult & Family Living: Semester - CTTC

American Association for Family and Consumer Sciences
Adult and Family Living - CIMC

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