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Family & Consumer Sciences
Basic Kitchen Skills/Safety and Sanitation
Students will be able to define and demonstrate basic kitchen and cooking skills, prepare foods in quantity and follow safety and sanitation practices. The selection and use of utensils, defining kitchen staples and proper cooking methods is taught.
Carla Campbell
- Define industry general information and history
- Define industry career options
- Define industry terminology
- Define kitchen procedures and decorum
- Define and demonstrate appropriate employee skills
- Define and demonstrate proper grooming and appearance
- Define and demonstrate safety rules and practices
- Demonstrate fire prevention, suppression methods
- Emergency procedures and first aid
- Define and demonstrate sanitation rules and practices
- Define cause and effect of food borne illness
- Demonstrate the proper use of kitchen equipment, kitchen utensils, tools and knife skills
- Define food paring terminology and techniques
- Demonstrate kitchen equipment use
- Demonstrate the cleaning and maintenance of equipment
- Identify food paring and menu terminology including types and sizes of common cuts
- Demonstrate knife skills in cutting a variety of food products to specified shapes and sizes
- Demonstrate correct knife care and sharpening techniques
- Define recipe components
- Demonstrate the use of a recipe
- Define methods of heat transfer, effects of heat on food products and basic procedures for applying heat
- Define weight and volume of measurements
- Solve weight volume conversions
- Demonstrate use of weight and volume measuring tools
- Define and identify kitchen staples
- Define purchasing specifications and standards
- Identify purchasing/receiving source documents
- Define storage procedures for frozen, cold and dry products
- Define hazardous or improper storage methods
Completion of Learning Activity Packets and various other instructional materials.

Written test, assignments, lab activities and work study/employability evaluations.

Select assessments from:
- Hospitality: Bakery Cook - CTTC
- Hospitality: Cold Food/Prep Cook - CTTC
- Hospitality: Hot Food Cook - CTTC
- Hospitality: Food Handler - Introductory - CTTC

- Hospitality ProStart Certification

- Culinary Arts Access - ACF/NOCTI
National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation

American Culinary Foundation (Culinary Concepts)
On Cooking, Techniques of Culinary Fundamentals, 3rd edition, Labensky, Sarah R. and Hause, Alan M., Prentice-Hall Inc.

Career Majors That Sequence This Course
Career Cluster Pathway Career Major
Hospitality & Tourism Restaurant Food & Beverage Services Baker
Hospitality & Tourism Restaurant Food & Beverage Services Culinarian
Hospitality & Tourism Restaurant Food & Beverage Services Culinary Arts
Hospitality & Tourism Restaurant Food & Beverage Services Culinary Arts Apprenticeship Program
Hospitality & Tourism Restaurant Food & Beverage Services Line Cook
Architecture & Construction Maintenance/Operations Service Careers Facilities Technician
Hospitality & Tourism Restaurant Food & Beverage Services Sous Chef