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Family & Consumer Sciences
Bread and Pastry Production
Students will be able to define and demonstrate bakeshop staples and the production of yeast breads, quick breads, cakes, cookies, pies and pastries.
Carla Campbell
- Define basic baking principles
- Define baking staples and leavening agents
- Demonstrate the preparation of two quick breads
- Demonstrate the preparation of two yeast breads
- Demonstrate the preparation of pie crusts, fillings and pies
- Demonstrate the preparation of pate a choux and creme pastissiere
- Demonstrate the preparation of six cookies
- Demonstrate the preparation of Marzipan, Genoise and Meruinge
Completion of Learning Activity Packets and various other instructional materials.

Written tests, assignments, lab activities and work study/employability evaluations.

One or more of the following measures will be used in addition to classroom assessments:
- Baking Test, SkillsUSA
- Hospitality: Bakery Cook - CTTC
- Culinary Arts Access - ACF/NOCTI
- Hospitality ProStart Certification

National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation

American Culinary Foundation (Culinary Concepts)
On Cooking, Techniques of Culinary Fundamentals, 3rd edition, Labensky, Sarah R. and Hause, Alan M., Prentice-Hall Inc.

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