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Family & Consumer Sciences
Career Orientation 60
This course has three main objectives: 1) provide students with job seeking and retention skills through research and job shadowing activities; 2) help students in the workforce improve their present work skills and expand career options; 3) help students grasp the concept of balancing a career and a family. Attitudes and perceptions of people toward careers and self-motivation are areas addressed in this course. Emphasis is placed on acquiring conceptual skills such as planning, communication, and problem solving. The importance of basic academic skills is stressed with job-related, practical activities that apply these skills throughout the curriculum. It is recommended that units be added to include ethics and diversity. Wherever the Career Orientation course is listed, it is suggested that additional units/supplements be tailored toward that career cluster.
Mary Jane Grayson
-List effects of living in a global marketplace on U.S. consumers

-Identify characteristics of the workplace and skills employers want

-Select from list ways to improve self-esteem

-State ways to achieve a more positive attitude

-Select from list benefits of setting goals

-Arrange in order steps in decision-making process

-Identify trends in career opportunities

-Identify career clusters

-List personal characteristics, skills, and experiences important for entrepreneurs

-Research careers of interest

-Prepare a resume, write letter of application, and complete application form

-List steps for preparing for interview

-Select from list ways to get along with supervisor and co-workers

-List reasons people lose jobs

-Select from a list of guidelines for communicating a positive
work ethic

-Describe how to handle ethical conflicts

-Identify strategies for managing time and stress

-Select from a list of desirable characteristics of a leader

-State guidelines for proper business etiquette

-List common barriers to communication and state guidelines for improvement

-Write business letter

-Identify ways to effectively manage time and money

-Identify impact of technology on the workplace through e-mail, hand-held computers, basic computer-related tasks, presentation
software, Internet, etc.

-List skills needed to balance family and career

-List ways to prevent accidents and injuries at work
Formative Assessment
Chapter/Unit Test
Career Portfolio
-Career Orientation curriculum- CIMC
-Exploring Careers-Glencoe/McGraw-Hill
-Succeeding in the World of Work-Glencoe/McGraw-Hill
-From School to Work- Goodheart-Wilcox
-Careers in Focus-Goodheart-Wilcox
-Teenagers Preparing for the Real World by Chad Foster
Career Majors That Sequence This Course
Career Cluster Pathway Career Major
Human Services Early Childhood Development & Services Early Care Assistant
Education & Training Teaching/Training Teaching/Training
Hospitality & Tourism Travel and Tourism Tourism Assistant