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Family & Consumer Sciences
Catering/Specialty Buffets
Students will experience various international and domestic specialty buffet projects. Students will be able to write buffet menus, perform cost analysis, employ and supervise other students for these projects.
Carla Campbell
- Define dining room terminology and layout
- Define wait staff duties and responsibilities
- Define table setting and dining room readiness
- Define types of service and staffing requirements
- Demonstrate proper service techniques
- Define non-alcoholic beverage types and service
- Define alcoholic beverage preparation and service
- Define components of successful catering event
- Plan a catering event and list necessary equipment
- Execute a catering event
- Define math concepts required by the food service industry
- Demonstrate the use of math concepts in exercises
- Define points or critical control in cost control
- Define causes and corrective actions for cost control
- Define cost control calculation and management techniques
- Define elements of menu and facility design
- Define elements of concept design
- Design restaurant concept, facility and menu
- Define elements of successful interpersonal relations
- Define conflict resolution methods
- Demonstrate written and verbal communication skills
- Define major food groups and the food pyramid
- Define six categories of nutrients
- Define government-mandated package labeling
Completion of Learning Activity Packets and various other instructional materials.

Written tests, assignments, lab activities, work study, and employability evaluations.

National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation

American Culinary Foundation (Culinary Concepts)
On Cooking, Techniques of Culinary Fundamentals, 3rd edition, Labensky, Sarah R. and Hause, Alan M., Prentice-Hall Inc.

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